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Complete Guide to Vacation Movies in Order: A Film Journey

Are you ready to embark on an adventure through some of the most breathtaking vacation destinations without leaving your couch? Look no further than vacation movies! These films have the power to transport viewers to far-off lands, offering a glimpse into other cultures, lifestyles, and experiences.

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of vacation movies in order, making it easy for you to plan your next movie marathon or find your next favorite flick. From the sandy beaches of the Caribbean to the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, these vacation movies will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Vacation Movies

Key Takeaways:

  • You can escape to different destinations through vacation movies.
  • We have created a list of vacation movies in order for your convenience.
  • These must-watch vacation movies showcase various cultures, lifestyles, and experiences.

Why Vacation Movies Are a Perfect Escape

There’s something magical about vacation movies that make them a popular choice for viewers. Whether you’re dreaming of escaping to a tropical beach, a bustling city, or a remote mountain range, vacation movies allow you to experience different cultures, landscapes, and adventures, all from the comfort of your own home.

From the sunny beaches of Hawaii in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” to the picturesque hills of Tuscany in “Under the Tuscan Sun,” vacation movies have the power to transport you to some of the most stunning destinations in the world. But it’s not just about the scenery. These movies also offer a chance to explore new perspectives, escape from everyday life, and indulge in the joys of travel.

Over the years, a number of vacation movies have become fan favorites, with some even achieving cult status. The popularity of these films speaks to the desire of audiences to explore the world, even if it’s just through a screen. Some of the best vacation movies include classics like “Roman Holiday” and “The African Queen,” as well as modern hits like “Eat Pray Love” and “Crazy Rich Asians.”

vacation movies in order

“Vacation movies have the power to transport you to some of the most stunning destinations in the world. But it’s not just about the scenery. These movies also offer a chance to explore new perspectives, escape from everyday life, and indulge in the joys of travel.”

The Top Vacation Movies of All Time

When it comes to vacation movies, there are some films that stand out above the rest. These movies transport viewers to different destinations and offer a glimpse into the adventures, romances, and mishaps that can occur while on vacation. Here are the top vacation movies of all time:

Jaws1975Amity Island, USA
The Beach2000Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
Forgetting Sarah Marshall2008Oahu, Hawaii
Up in the Air2009Various US cities
Lost in Translation2003Tokyo, Japan

These vacation movies have earned their place at the top of the list for their engaging plots, memorable characters, and stunning visuals. “Jaws” revolutionized the summer blockbuster and remains a classic thriller to this day. “The Beach” showcases the beauty and danger of an isolated beach in Thailand. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is a hilarious romantic comedy set in the gorgeous island of Oahu. “Up in the Air” explores the monotony and isolation of frequent business travel. “Lost in Translation” captures the culture shock and loneliness of an American in Tokyo.

Other popular vacation movies that didn’t quite make the top of the list include “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” “The Hangover,” “Roman Holiday,” and “Eat Pray Love.” Each of these movies offers a unique perspective on vacation and showcases the destinations in a memorable way.

Vacation Movie Rankings

How were these top vacation movies chosen? There are many factors to consider, including critical acclaim, box office success, cultural significance, and audience reception. Additionally, vacation movie rankings can be subjective and dependent on personal preferences. However, the movies on this list have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling adventure, a romantic getaway, or a comedy of errors, there’s a vacation movie out there for you. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let these movies transport you to different corners of the world.

Top vacation movies

Embarking on a Vacation Movie Marathon

If you’re in the mood for a movie marathon, why not take a cinematic journey around the world with our vacation movie list? With so many great vacation movies out there, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best vacation movies in order to help you jump-start your movie marathon. So, grab your popcorn, settle onto your couch, and get ready to be swept away on an adventure!

Creating the Right Atmosphere

The setting can make all the difference when it comes to a movie marathon. To create an ideal atmosphere for a vacation movie marathon, turn off the lights, and draw the curtains to dim the room. Add some cozy throw pillows and blankets to your seating area for an added touch of comfort. For a more immersive experience, consider setting up a projector to project the movies onto a wall or screen for a movie theater-like experience.

Selecting Your Vacation Movie List

Choosing the right vacation movies for your marathon is crucial for its success. Start with some of the best vacation movies of all time and work your way down the list. Our list includes movies from various genres, so there’s something for everyone. Some of the best vacation movies to consider include:

Movie TitleRelease Year
The Beach2000
Forgetting Sarah Marshall2008
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty2013
Into the Wild2007
Lost in Translation2003

These movies are just a few great vacation movies to add to your list. But, the options are endless and you can easily create your own personalized vacation movie list. Just make sure to keep the theme consistent throughout your movie marathon.

Snacks and Refreshments

No movie marathon is complete without snacks and refreshments. Choose snacks that complement the theme of your selected vacation movies. For example, if you’re watching movies set in a tropical location, consider serving margaritas or tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, or papaya. If you’re watching movies set on a ski slope, hot cocoa and popcorn would be perfect. It’s all about the little touches that can make your movie marathon memorable.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks for hosting a successful vacation movie marathon, all you need to do is grab your list of best vacation movies, plan your snacks, and let the adventure begin!

vacation movie marathon

Exploring Vacation Movies by Destination

If you’re looking for vacation movie recommendations that will transport you to different destinations, look no further than this list. From stunning beaches to bustling cities to majestic mountains, these must-watch vacation movies showcase the beauty and essence of some of the most popular vacation spots around the world.

DestinationMovie Recommendations
  • The Descendants
  • The Beach
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Into the Wild
  • Wild
  • Everest
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Roman Holiday
  • Lost in Translation
Historical Sites
  • The English Patient
  • Out of Africa
  • Belle

Each of these vacation movies offers a unique perspective on its respective destination. The Descendants, for example, showcases the natural beauty of Hawaii, while Wild takes viewers on a transformative journey through the Pacific Crest Trail. Midnight in Paris, on the other hand, offers a romanticized view of Paris, while The English Patient immerses viewers in the history and culture of North Africa.

vacation movies by destination

No matter which destination you’re dreaming of visiting, these vacation movie recommendations are sure to satisfy your wanderlust and transport you to new and exciting places.

Unforgettable Vacation Characters

Vacation movies are not just about the picturesque landscapes and exciting adventures they offer. They also feature some of the most memorable characters in cinematic history. From wild party animals to quirky family members, vacation movies have brought to life some truly unforgettable characters that have stayed with us long after the credits rolled.

Harry Dunne and Lloyd ChristmasDumb and DumberThis bumbling duo embarks on a road trip to Aspen and hilariously stumble their way into one crazy situation after another.
Claire StandishThe Breakfast ClubA popular high school student forced to spend a Saturday in detention with a diverse group of students, Claire learns to let down her guard and be true to herself.
Cher HorowitzCluelessCher is a wealthy, fashion-conscious teenager who navigates the ups and downs of Beverly Hills while trying to find love and meaning in her life.
Clark GriswoldNational Lampoon’s VacationAs a devoted husband and father, Clark takes his family on a cross-country road trip to Walley World, encountering misadventures and chaos along the way.

These characters and more have become cultural icons and have left a lasting impression on viewers. They bring humor, heart, and a sense of relatability to the vacation movie genre, making it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Popular Vacation Movie Characters

Lesser-Known Vacation Gems

While there are many popular vacation movies that have become household names, there are also some hidden gems that might have been missed by audiences. These movies offer unique perspectives on vacations and provide fresh experiences that are worth watching. Here are some of the best vacation movies that you might have overlooked:

Movie TitleYear of ReleaseDescription
The Way2010This drama follows a grieving father who travels to France to retrieve the body of his son who died while on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Along the way, he discovers the beauty of the journey and the healing power of travel.
The Endless Summer1966This documentary takes you on a surfing adventure around the world, following two surfers as they search for the perfect wave. From the beaches of Hawaii to the coast of South Africa, this movie showcases the thrill and excitement of chasing the endless summer.
The Trip2010Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon star in this comedy about two friends who embark on a food tour of the North of England. Along the way, they engage in hilarious banter, indulge in delectable cuisine, and take in the stunning scenery of the countryside.
Local Hero1983This Scottish comedy-drama follows an American oil company representative who travels to a small village in Scotland to negotiate the purchase of land for an oil refinery. As he immerses himself in the local culture and connects with the charming locals, he begins to question his priorities.

These vacation movies offer something different from the usual blockbusters, providing fresh perspectives on travel and unique insights into different cultures and landscapes. Make sure to add them to your vacation movie list for a well-rounded cinematic experience.

best vacation movies

Behind the Scenes of Vacation Movies

Creating a vacation movie requires more than just filming a beautiful destination. The best vacation movies incorporate the location as a character in the story, allowing viewers to experience the place as if they were there themselves. Here are some behind-the-scenes insights into the making of some of the top vacation movies.

Jurassic ParkKauai, HawaiiThe iconic scene with the T-Rex attacking the jeep was filmed during a hurricane.
Lost in TranslationTokyo, JapanThe karaoke scene was not in the original script and was improvised on set.
The Talented Mr. RipleyItalyThe production team built a replica of the town of Mongibello for the film.
Forgetting Sarah MarshallOahu, HawaiiThe cast and crew stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort, which became the inspiration for the setting of the film.

Another challenge of making vacation movies is capturing the essence of the location while also providing an engaging storyline. The top vacation movies strike a balance between showcasing the location and telling a compelling story.

For instance, The Way, starring Martin Sheen, follows a group of pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. The movie not only showcases the stunning landscapes of the region but also explores themes of grief, healing, and personal growth.

Similarly, The Grand Budapest Hotel, set in a fictional Eastern European country, features beautiful scenery and architecture, but also delivers an intriguing plot that involves crime, mystery, and whimsy.

behind the scenes of vacation movies

Whether it’s facing unexpected weather conditions, improvising on set, or finding the right balance between plot and location, making a great vacation movie is no easy feat. However, when done well, the result is a cinematic experience that can take viewers on a journey without ever leaving their couch.


Vacation movies have long been a favorite among viewers, offering a virtual escape to various destinations and cultures. In this article, we have provided a complete guide to vacation movies in order, a comprehensive list of must-watch vacation movies, and recommendations for embarking on a vacation movie marathon.

Whether you’re a fan of comedy, drama, adventure, or romance, there’s a vacation movie for everyone. From the iconic performances of unforgettable characters to the behind-the-scenes trivia and anecdotes of their production, the world of vacation movies is a fascinating and entertaining one.

We encourage you to explore the movie list and embark on your own cinematic journey through vacation movies. Plan your movie marathon, select your favorite snacks, and get ready to travel the world from your couch.

So, get your vacation movies in order, grab your popcorn, and start your movie marathon today. Happy watching!

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