Top Landing Spots for Fortnite – Chapter 4 Season 2

As Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 gains momentum, players need to learn the best landing spots to gain the upper hand. The recent changes to the iconic Island include a futuristic neo-Tokyo theme, making it even more challenging to find the ideal place to land.

In this article, we list five of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. If you aren’t actively using any of these locations, be sure to try them out before word spreads!

Top Landing Spots for Fortnite

Mega City: Loot Lovers’ Paradise

Mega City boasts over 100 Chests, making it the best place to land if you are after pure loot. You will find plenty of floor loot around the skyscraper buildings, helping you supplement your inventory as you climb high.

If you are still not satisfied with your weapons, take on Highcard, and steal his Havoc Suppressed Rifle and Vault Keycard to boost your options.

Kenjutsu Crossing: The Best Place to Land for Kinetic Blades

If you are excited to try out one of the epic Kinetic Blades added in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, head to Kenjutsu Crossing. There are nine Kinetic Blades to be found, so you are sure to get one.

There are also plenty of weapons to discover in the nearby buildings, along with a Bounty Board and a Capture Point.

Shattered Slabs: For Fast-Paced, Hectic Gameplay

Shattered Slabs is the location for you if you are looking for fast-paced and hectic gameplay. The main attraction here is Kinetic Ore, which can be struck multiple times before launching at your enemies. There are also plenty of weapons to be found, including a secret Vault.

The Citadel: Sprawling Castle with Loads of Weapons

The Citadel may not be as shiny and new as Mega City, but it feels like a major POI this season. It is a huge, sprawling castle with plenty of corridors and rooms to explore, and you are guaranteed to find loads of useful weapons and items here in regular Chests and on the ground.

Lonely Labs: A Quiet Place to Land

If you prefer to avoid intense gunfights and sneak your way through to the final moments of a match, Lonely Labs is a great place to land.

There won’t be many players to compete with, but there are still a good number of Chests and Ammo Boxes to search through, while an array of ziplines and vehicles can help you escape before the Storm gets to you.

Frenzy Fields: Wide Open Location for Quick Shootouts

Frenzy Fields is perfect for longtime Fortnite fans who are feeling a little nostalgic. There is a capture point, plenty of floor loot, two Weapon-o-matics, Hay Stacks to hide in, and an upgrade bench.

Unlike other POIs, Frenzy Fields is wide open, which is great for players who want quick shootouts or prefer using long-range weapons like the Cobra DMR to snipe opponents from a distance.

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Knowing the right landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 can be the difference between winning and losing. These five landing spots offer the best loot, weapons, and gameplay for players of all styles.

Try them out and see which one works best for you. Keep quite about them, otherwise they will get super saturated in no time!

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