Pat McAfee Career Earnings: From the NFL to Financial Stardom

Former NFL player Pat McAfee’s career earnings demonstrate his impressive financial achievements and how he has leveraged his skills to achieve success outside of football. McAfee’s journey from the NFL to post-NFL ventures has been a remarkable one, showing how he has capitalized on his popularity and financial stability to become a successful entrepreneur, media personality, and philanthropist.

McAfee’s earnings history reveals how his lucrative NFL contracts provided the foundation for his financial success. However, it is his ability to leverage his skills and take advantage of opportunities that have cemented his status as a successful individual outside of football.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pat McAfee’s career earnings demonstrate his impressive financial achievements.
  • His NFL contracts provided the foundation for his financial success.
  • McAfee’s ability to leverage his skills has allowed him to achieve success outside of football.
  • He has become a successful entrepreneur, media personality, and philanthropist.
  • His astute financial investments and brand endorsements have further contributed to his growing net worth.

Pat McAfee’s NFL Journey and Early Career

Pat McAfee’s career in the NFL began in 2009 when he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the seventh round. In his rookie year, McAfee signed a four-year contract worth $1.8 million, with a signing bonus of $82,250. His base salary in his first year was $310,000.

Throughout his eight-year NFL career, McAfee earned a total of $17.7 million in salary, with his highest-earning season being in 2016, where he made $3.8 million. He signed multiple contracts with the Colts throughout his career, with his final contract being a five-year deal worth $14.5 million, making him the highest-paid punter in NFL history at the time.

McAfee’s impressive performances on the field led to him being selected for two Pro Bowl teams in 2014 and 2016. He also set multiple Colts franchise records, including the most punts inside the 20-yard line and the longest punt in team history.

Off the field, McAfee was known for his charismatic personality and sense of humor, which led to numerous media appearances and endorsements. He also used his platform to give back to his community, launching the Pat McAfee Foundation to support the children of military families.

Overall, McAfee’s NFL career saw him earn significant sums of money through his contracts and endorsements, laying the foundation for his impressive financial success in his post-NFL ventures.

Pat McAfee’s Transition to Post-NFL Ventures

After retiring from the NFL, Pat McAfee quickly transitioned to various post-NFL ventures, including entrepreneurial ventures, media career, and brand endorsements. His impressive net worth can be attributed to his ability to leverage his skills and capitalize on opportunities outside of football.

McAfee’s financial success is evident from his net worth, which currently stands at an estimated $8 million. This is a significant achievement, considering his initial salary and contracts in the NFL.

One of McAfee’s post-NFL ventures includes his podcast, The Pat McAfee Show. This has become highly popular, earning him a significant income from advertising revenue and sponsorships. McAfee has also made a name for himself as a commentator and analyst, with broadcasting deals with ESPN and WWE.

Additionally, Pat McAfee has capitalized on his popularity and established himself as a brand endorser. He has secured lucrative partnerships with companies such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and Friday Night Lights, earning him substantial income in the process.

McAfee’s transition to post-NFL ventures has been incredibly successful, contributing significantly to his financial achievements. His entrepreneurial ventures, media career, and brand endorsements have all played a crucial role in his impressive net worth.

Pat McAfee’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Pat McAfee’s career earnings are not limited to his NFL contracts and media career. McAfee is also a successful entrepreneur, with multiple ventures contributing to his income. One of his most notable ventures is his podcast, The Pat McAfee Show, which has gained a significant following and attracts high-profile guests.

In addition to his podcast, McAfee has ventured into the world of comedy, performing stand-up shows in various cities. He also launched his own comedy tour, the Heartland Comedy Tour, which has been a success.

Another source of income for McAfee is his merchandise line, which includes hats, shirts, and other items featuring his signature phrases and catchphrases. McAfee’s merchandise has proven to be popular among his fans, further adding to his earnings.

Lastly, McAfee has invested in various startups and businesses, including those in the tech and beverage industries. These investments have not only provided financial returns but have also allowed McAfee to diversify his earnings sources.

Overall, Pat McAfee’s entrepreneurial ventures have been instrumental in his career earnings and financial achievements. His strategic investments and successful business ventures have allowed him to expand his income sources beyond football and media, contributing to his overall success.

Pat McAfee’s Media Career and Broadcasting Deals

Aside from his successful entrepreneurial ventures, Pat McAfee has also made a name for himself in the media industry.

After retiring from the NFL in 2017, McAfee transitioned to a career in sports media, starting as an analyst for the NFL network. He also founded the Pat McAfee Show, a sports talk show and podcast where he discusses current events and interviews notable personalities in the sports industry.

McAfee’s media career has also landed him numerous broadcasting deals. In 2018, he signed a multi-year contract with ESPN to be a part of their college football coverage. He also served as a color commentator for the XFL, further expanding his broadcasting portfolio.

His earnings from these broadcasting deals have been significant, contributing to his impressive net worth. McAfee’s earnings history in the media industry showcases his versatility as a businessman and his ability to leverage his popularity in various fields.

Pat McAfee’s Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships

Pat McAfee’s brand endorsements and sponsorships have been a significant contributor to his career earnings and financial achievements. His successful ventures outside of football have allowed him to have a diverse portfolio of endorsements, ranging from niche products to major consumer brands.

One of McAfee’s notable brand endorsements is with Bud Light, which started in 2017. His partnership with the beer company has resulted in him creating a weekly internet show, “The Pat McAfee show 2.0,” that features various guests from the world of sports, entertainment, and pop culture. The show has been a hit with fans, and the partnership with Bud Light has been a lucrative success for McAfee.

Aside from Bud Light, McAfee has also partnered with other notable brands, such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and SeatGeek. These partnerships have allowed him to not only earn income but also have a say in the creative direction of the campaigns he’s involved in.

McAfee’s brand endorsements and sponsorships have not only been a financial achievement but also a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. He has been able to successfully leverage his popularity and business sense to secure partnerships that align with his interests and values.

As McAfee continues to expand his reach and become a more significant force in the media industry, his brand endorsements and sponsorships show no signs of slowing down. His ability to connect with his audience and deliver unique content has made him an attractive partner for companies looking to market their products.

Overall, Pat McAfee’s brand endorsements and sponsorships have been a critical factor in his career earnings and financial achievements. His ability to secure partnerships with major brands and align himself with campaigns that align with his interests and values speaks to his savvy business sense and entrepreneurial spirit.

Pat McAfee’s Philanthropic Contributions

Pat McAfee’s successful career has enabled him to make significant contributions to various philanthropic causes, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the community.

One of McAfee’s notable contributions was his creation of the Pat McAfee Foundation, which supports the children of military veterans. The foundation has raised over $500,000 to date, providing scholarships and other resources to support these children’s educational and athletic pursuits.

In addition to his foundation, McAfee has also been involved in numerous other charitable endeavors. He has supported organizations, including the Wounded Warrior Project and the Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis, using his platform to raise awareness and funds for their causes.

McAfee’s philanthropic efforts, combined with his financial success, have further solidified his status as a well-respected and accomplished individual. His contributions have made a difference in the lives of many, and his dedication to giving back is a testament to his character and values.

Pat McAfee’s Financial Investments and Success

In addition to his successful NFL career and entrepreneurial ventures, Pat McAfee’s financial investments have played a significant role in his overall success. McAfee’s astute investment choices can be attributed to his impressive net worth which has continued to grow over the years.

McAfee has invested in a variety of assets, including real estate, stocks, and cryptocurrency. He has also shown a keen interest in venture capitalism, where he invests in startups and small businesses. McAfee’s investments have not only been profitable for him but have also contributed to the growth of various companies in different industries.

One of McAfee’s most notable investments was in the cryptocurrency platform, Ripple. In 2017, McAfee invested in Ripple when it was at its early stages and saw a significant return on investment when the cryptocurrency’s value skyrocketed. This investment alone contributed to a substantial portion of McAfee’s net worth.

McAfee’s investment choices are a testament to his financial acumen and his willingness to take calculated risks. His success in investing has not only secured his own financial future but has also positioned him as a financial role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.


Pat McAfee’s impressive career earnings and financial success serve as a testament to his hard work and determination. From his early days in the NFL to his post-football ventures, McAfee has consistently capitalized on his skills and leveraged every opportunity to achieve financial stability and success. Through his entrepreneurial ventures, media career, brand endorsements, philanthropic contributions, and astute financial investments, he has built an impressive net worth and solidified his status as a financially accomplished individual.

McAfee’s journey highlights the importance of perseverance, strategic thinking, and the willingness to explore new opportunities in achieving financial success. His commitment to giving back through philanthropic contributions further underscores the importance of using one’s success to make a positive impact on society. Overall, Pat McAfee’s story serves as an inspiration to others looking to achieve financial success and highlights the endless possibilities that come with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude.

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