What Can You Do About an Overgrown Yard?

Overgrown yards are a common problem because of the quarantine. You may hold out your Yard work while your yard grows out of control, but you don’t have to leave it like this.

An overgrown yard can decrease your home’s curb appeal, lessen property value, cause fire hazards, and make your outdoor areas unsafe. There are plenty of things you can do to get it under control again and start enjoying your yard again.

Trimming and mowing is the first thing you should do. Here are a few helpful tips for yard maintenance.

Identifying and Removing Overgrown Weeds

Identifying and removing overgrown weeds is one of the best ways to deal with yard overgrowth. Before tackling the problem, gardeners must know all the weeds in the yard.

Common weeds can include dandelions, thistles, and crabgrass. A quick identification guide can help determine which weeds need removal. After identification, you can remove the overgrown weeds by hand, spray with an appropriate weed killer, or dig up. 

Utilizing Mulch and Compost to Promote Healthy Growth

Utilizing mulch and compost promotes healthy growth in an overgrown backyard. Mulch is a material like wood chips that helps control weeds and keep moisture in the soil.

Compost comes from decomposing organic material that helps enrich the soil with nutrients. Both of these can help bring life to an overgrown yard. It helps to control weeds, keep moisture, add nutrients to the soil, and increase microbial activity.

You can apply mulch and compost around plants, trees, and along pathways. You can also put it in open areas to negate the effects of an overgrown yard.

A proper application will allow for better growth of existing foliage. It encourages the development of new plants which can create an attractive landscape.

Mulch and compost are beneficial to an overgrown yard. It is also perfect, as they are also a great way to help the environment by recycling organic materials.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs to Reclaim Space

Pruning trees and shrubs is vital when reclaiming space in an overgrown yard. Pruning can help reduce the size of trees and shrubs. It allows more area for activities and enjoyment.

To prune, one must use sharp pruning shears to make clean cuts. It removes any weak, dead, or overcrowded branches.

Once you cut the branches, it is vital to trim back the remaining branches and foliage to the desired shape. It makes sure to leave a certain amount of space between each branch. 

Hiring a Professional Hardscape Design Services

Hiring a Professional Hardscape Design Services is a great way to deal with an overgrown yard. A professional hardscape design team can provide expertise in designing and installing hardscape features. It includes patios, pathways, retaining walls, water features, and fire pits.

A team can assess the finished look needed and advise on what type of hardscaping materials and plants to use. Not only will they help create a pleasing hardscape, but their knowledge of landscape design materials and principles help the look and feel of the entire yard.

Follow This Guide for Things to Do in an Overgrown Yard

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to an overgrown yard. Whether it is hiring professionals, tackling the yard yourself, or a combination of the two, it is essential to take action.

The bigger your yard, the more upkeep and maintenance it needs, so start with smaller projects and work your way up. Take on the challenge of an overgrown yard today!

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