How to Optimize Your Online Store

The very survival of your online business depends on your online store being a success. However, having a great product and a popular social media presence isn’t enough, you need to optimize your online store. Even the best products won’t sell when listed on a poorly optimized store. 

The problem is, where do you start with store optimization?

If you’re looking to increase your online sales and optimize your online store, this guide will help. 

How to Optimize Your Online Store

Optimize Your Home Page

Your store performance starts with your home page. It’s where many visitors first make an impression about your products and your brand. 

Some quick tips for improving your home page:

  • Put your most important content “above the fold” before any scrolling occurs
  • Optimize your title tag, meta description, and images
  • Include call to actions

Finally, don’t forget to feature your best products on your home page. You may have internal product pages for each individual item, but featuring your most popular, best-selling, or newest items on your home page gives your visitors immediate suggestions of what to buy.

Make It Mobile Friendly

More and more online shopping is done via mobile devices, especially smartphones. Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, sales are expected to be 40% of e-commerce sales by 2024. That’s over $500 billion.

With these stats in mind, it’s important to ensure that your store delivers a good mobile experience. Your mobile-friendly store should be easy to use and load quickly. 

Create a Positive Checkout Experience

Online shopping cart abandonment can be a serious issue for store owners. So how can you create a positive checkout experience?

For starters, allow visitors to make a purchase without having to create an account. Many customers may only want to place a one-time order. If they are forced to create an account, they may not even make that order.

Another way to improve the checkout experience is to get rid of extra fees and hidden costs. A big one is shipping. No one wants to get to the checkout process only to find out that shopping isn’t included.

Use Digital Shelf Analytics

What are digital shelf analytics? Think of your online store as a retail store. Analytics gives you insights into your products’ performance, letting you know which products are underperforming and even overperforming. 

Digital shelf analytics can also help you discover issues in real-time, such as broken links, low-stock items, and product stock-outs.

There’s a lot more to digital shelf analytics, and there are many solutions available to help you with your online store.

How to Optimize Your Online Store

Optimize Your Online Store

The online retail space is extremely competitive. For your online business to succeed, you need to use these tips to optimize your online store: optimize your home page, make your store mobile friendly, create a positive checkout experience, and use digital shelf analytics.

For more help with running your company, check out our Business section for more business tips and tricks to succeed with your online store.

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