Michael B Jordan Height, Age, Bio: Get the Inside Scoop!

Michael B Jordan is a well-known American actor and producer, best known for his roles in blockbuster movies like Black Panther and Creed. But how much do you really know about this talented star?

In this article, we are going to give you the inside scoop on Michael B Jordan’s height, age, and bio. From his early beginnings to his rise to fame and current projects, we’ve got you covered with all the details.

Who is Michael B Jordan?

Michael Bakari Jordan is an American actor and producer who has gained worldwide fame for his impressive acting skills and stunning good looks. He was born on February 9, 1987, in Santa Ana, California, and raised in Newark, New Jersey.

Michael’s interest in acting began at a young age, and he went on to attend several auditions before landing his first role in a television commercial. From there, he made appearances in various television shows, including “The Sopranos” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” before making his film debut in 2001 with the movie “Hardball.

Michael’s big break came with his portrayal of Wallace in the HBO hit series “The Wire,” which ran from 2002 to 2008. The series opened doors for him, and he went on to receive critical acclaim for his performances in several movies, including “Fruitvale Station,” “Creed,” and “Black Panther.”

Michael B Jordan’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Michael was born to an African American father and a Puerto Rican mother. His parents divorced when he was a child, and he was raised primarily by his mother and grandparents. Growing up, he was an athletic kid and played basketball, football, and baseball.

After his family moved to Newark, New Jersey, Michael attended Newark Arts High School, where he pursued his passion for acting. He went on to study at the Howard University in Washington, D.C., but eventually left to pursue his acting career in Los Angeles.

Michael’s early acting career was marked by small roles in television shows and movies. However, his breakout role as Wallace in “The Wire” helped him gain recognition and led to more significant roles in the entertainment industry.

Michael B Jordan’s Height

Michael B Jordan stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall. His height is considered average for a male in the United States, but he has managed to stand tall in Hollywood with his impressive acting skills and charismatic personality.

Michael B Jordan’s Age

Michael B Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, which makes him 34 years old as of 2021.

Despite being relatively young, Jordan has already achieved a great deal of success in his career. He has won critical acclaim for his performances in a variety of films and has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men.

Jordan’s age has also allowed him to take on a wide range of roles, from playing a teenage drug dealer in “The Wire” to a hardened boxing champion in “Creed.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Michael B Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, in Santa Ana, California. He grew up with two siblings and was raised by his mother, Donna Jordan, after his parents divorced.

As a child, Jordan was always interested in the arts. He began modeling at the age of 10 and went on to appear in commercials for well-known brands such as Toys R Us and Modell’s Sporting Goods.

His first television appearance was in an episode of The Sopranos in 1999. He continued to land small roles in various television shows and films throughout his teenage years, including Michael B. Jordan’s first feature film role in Hardball in 2001.

Despite his early success as a child model and actor, Jordan eventually took a brief hiatus from the industry to focus on his education. He attended Newark Arts High School in New Jersey, where he studied drama.

After graduating, Michael B Jordan moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career once again. He quickly landed roles in prominent television shows such as The Wire and Friday Night Lights.

The Role That Changed Everything

However, it wasn’t until 2013 that Jordan’s career truly took off. He landed the lead role in Fruitvale Station, a biographical drama film based on the true story of Oscar Grant, a young black man who was fatally shot by a police officer in 2009.

The film was a critical success and earned Jordan widespread recognition for his powerful performance. His portrayal of Oscar Grant put him on the map as a serious actor and led to him being cast in bigger and more prominent roles.

With his career finally taking off, Michael B Jordan became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors. In the years that followed, he landed roles in major films such as Creed, Black Panther, and Just Mercy, earning critical acclaim and numerous awards and nominations along the way.

Rise to Fame and Breakthrough Roles

Michael B Jordan first gained notoriety for his role in “The Wire” as Wallace, a young drug dealer. He then went on to star in several successful television series, including “Friday Night Lights” and “Parenthood.

However, it was Jordan’s portrayal of Adonis Creed in the Rocky sequel “Creed” that served as his true breakthrough role. His performance garnered critical acclaim and established him as a leading man in the film industry.

Black Panther

One of Jordan’s most notable roles to date was in the Marvel blockbuster “Black Panther”. In the film, he played the villainous Killmonger, a character that challenged traditional notions of heroism and villainy.

“I love that there’s a character that’s so complex, that’s not just like, ‘Oh, I’m a bad guy because I want money or I’m a bad guy because I’m evil,” Jordan said of his role in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Jordan’s performance in “Black Panther” solidified his status as a Hollywood A-lister and earned him widespread praise from audiences and critics alike.

Other Notable Projects

Since “Black Panther”, Jordan has continued to take on challenging and nuanced roles in a variety of projects.

In 2018, he starred in the HBO film “Fahrenheit 451”, based on the classic novel by Ray Bradbury. He also appeared alongside Michael Shannon in the drama “Fahrenheit 451” and played the lead in “Just Mercy”, a legal drama based on the true story of Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer who fights for the wrongfully accused and wrongly convicted.

Jordan also serves as an executive producer on several projects, including “Raising Dion”, a Netflix series about a single mother raising a child with special powers.

Awards and Recognition

Michael B Jordan’s impressive acting skills have earned him numerous accolades and recognition throughout his career. He has been nominated for several prestigious awards and has won several others.

One of his notable awards is the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture, which he won in 2014 for his role in Fruitvale Station. He also won this award in 2016 for his role in Creed.

In 2019, Jordan won the CinemaCon Male Star of the Year award for his outstanding performances in Creed II and Black Panther. He was also nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther.


“I think if you look at the history of Hollywood, it’s a pretty exclusionary place to begin with. That’s slowly changing, but there’s still a long way to go. But I think what I’ve built with my career and my body of work is something different than what you look at at face value.”

  • Variety

Michael B Jordan’s commitment to excellence in acting has earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. He continues to inspire others with his work and philanthropic efforts.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

When he’s not on set, Michael B Jordan enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid fan of anime and manga and has even produced an anime series called “gen:LOCK.” Jordan also enjoys playing basketball and watching sports.

But Jordan’s passion for giving back is just as strong as his love for acting. He has been involved with several philanthropic organizations, such as Lupus LA and the Lupus Research Alliance, which focus on raising awareness and funding for lupus research. Jordan has also been vocal about the need for diversity in the entertainment industry and has supported causes that promote inclusion and equality, such as the Time’s Up movement.

Current and Future Projects

Michael B Jordan has a number of exciting projects in the works, both as an actor and a producer. Here are some of the highlights:

ProjectTypeRelease Date
Without RemorseFilmApril 30, 2021
Creed IIIFilmTBA
Raising Dion (Executive Producer)TV SeriesSeason 2 release date TBA
Static Shock (Producer)FilmTBA

In addition to his upcoming projects, Jordan has also expressed interest in directing in the future. He has stated that he wants to use his platform to tell stories that haven’t been heard before and to bring more diversity to Hollywood.


In conclusion, Michael B Jordan is a talented actor and producer who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. From his breakthrough role in “The Wire” to his critically acclaimed performances in films like “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed,” Jordan has proven himself to be one of the most versatile and accomplished actors of his generation.

Throughout his career, Jordan has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including multiple NAACP Image Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award. He has also used his platform to advocate for important causes, such as diversity and inclusion in Hollywood.

As Jordan continues to take on new projects, audiences can look forward to seeing him in a variety of roles that showcase his incredible talent and range as an actor. Whether he’s playing a superhero in “Black Panther” or a troubled lawyer in “Just Mercy,” Jordan always gives his all and delivers unforgettable performances.

With his striking looks, impressive height of 6’0″ (183 cm), and age of 34 years old, Michael B Jordan is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. We can’t wait to see what he does next!


Q: What is Michael B Jordan’s height?

A: Michael B Jordan is approximately 6 feet tall.

Q: How old is Michael B Jordan?

A: Michael B Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, making him currently 34 years old.

Q: Who is Michael B Jordan?

A: Michael B Jordan is an American actor known for his impressive performances in various films and TV shows.

Q: What is Michael B Jordan’s biography?

A: Michael B Jordan had a successful career in Hollywood, starting from his early life and education to his rise to fame and breakthrough roles.

Q: What are some notable awards and recognition received by Michael B Jordan?

A: Over the course of his career, Michael B Jordan has received numerous awards and recognition for his outstanding performances.

Q: Can you tell me about Michael B Jordan’s personal life and philanthropy?

A: Michael B Jordan is known for his philanthropic work and is actively involved in various charitable endeavors. He also has a personal life that includes relationships and hobbies outside of acting.

Q: What are Michael B Jordan’s current and future projects?

A: Michael B Jordan is involved in several exciting projects in the entertainment industry. Keep an eye out for his upcoming work.

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