How to Build Local SEO Strategies: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? 

If you’ve been in the search and digital marketing space for long, you’ve heard of local SEO and how it’s used in marketing local businesses. In recent years, small businesses have had a lot of success with local SEO. There are several types of local SEO to consider, including citations and claim listings. 

If you’ve been considering getting into local SEO, the tips below can help you build local SEO strategies for your small business. 

Use Google My Business 

If you don’t already have a Google My Business account, create one today and fill out all the details required by Google. This includes photos of your business, address and contact information, hours of operation, etc.  

You can also add additional pages to further describe your business, such as an About Us page or a Services page. Having complete information on these pages will help people find more details about your business if they’re interested in learning more about it before making a purchase decision.  

Create Social Media Profiles for Each Location 

Create social media profiles for each location where you do business and make sure they are consistent with the other pages on your website.  

For example, if your business has multiple locations in different cities or states, create a Facebook page for each one of them. This avoids confusion about which location people should go to if they want to visit one of them while they’re traveling or passing through town. 

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Add reviews on third-party review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor if they already exist for your business.

These sites will show up in search results when people look for businesses like yours. You can also add reviews to Google My Business and Facebook pages by asking customers to leave them there.

If you need ideas for reviews for SEO, read this article. 

Optimize Your Images 

Images are an important part of any website’s content, but they’re especially important for local SEO. This is especially true when marketing businesses online.  

If you want customers from these areas to see your website in Google searches, then make sure that all the images used on your site have alt attributes that include relevant keywords associated with the product or service being shown in that photo, such as “Seattle hotels”. 

Build Local SEO Strategies: This Is How to Get Found in a Local Search 

Local SEO is a powerful marketing tool that can attract new customers.  

Taking the time to learn about it and build local SEO strategies for your business can pay big dividends. It takes some legwork, but the groundwork will lead to more leads and sales later on down the line. Use the advice in this article to build profitable local SEO strategies for your business. 

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