5 Signs It’s Time to Call Your Local Pest Control Company

Do you want to know what signs to look for?

Sometimes pests aren’t your roommate or neighbor, they are just showing up out of the blue, and it’s making your home unlivable. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, then you need to call a pest control company immediately.

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you when you should call a local pest control company. Read on to discover more.

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1. Property Damage

If your property is being damaged by pests, it’s time to call your local pest control team. Signs of property damage from pests include bites, scratched surfaces, holes in walls or floors, wood rot, whittling, and even damage to electrical wiring.

Unexplained or unusual droppings or noises like rustling and scratching may also indicate you have a pest problem that needs to be dealt with. Infestations can grow quickly and often lead to ongoing property damage, so it’s important to take immediate action if you notice any of the above signs.

2. Seeing Droppings or Urine Spots

These are sure signs that there is an animal or rodent infestation of some kind inside or possibly around your home. Depending on the type of droppings or urine, you could have anything from birds to rats, to bats, to raccoons, to an array of other invaders.

In some cases, these species don’t cause a whole lot of damage, but each has the potential to carry diseases, so it’s best to get these issues sorted out sooner rather than later. 

3. Strange Smells

If you are noticing strange smells in your home, this could be a sign that it may be time to call a local pest control company. Pests can create foul odors when they are present, and these odors may be difficult to identify.

Strong smells from animals such as mice, rats, and even birds can permeate through the home and linger in vents and other areas that have small crevices. Possums and raccoons can leave behind smells from their nesting areas and dead carcasses. 

4. Strange Sounds

If you start hearing strange or unknown sounds coming from your home, then it is possibly an indication that there might be some form of pest activity going on inside.

From the chirping and scratching sound that happen during the night when most of us are trying to sleep to the chewing and gnawing sound we may hear coming from wall cavities and ceilings, these are all signs that it may be time to reach out and call your local pest control company or this mice exterminator found here.

5. You See Dead Bugs

If you see dead bugs in your home or business, it could be a sign of a more serious pest infestation. Dead bugs are a telltale sign that pests are present in a space.

While it’s normal to find a few dead bugs in your home or office periodically, if the numbers start to increase, it’s time to call your local pest control company. Seeing dead bugs is often indicative of larger pest populations. You may start to see more bugs as the infestation grows. 

Call Your Local Pest Control Company Today

It’s important to call pest control at the first sign of an infestation. Make sure to call your local pest control company right away if you see signs of pests in your home. Early intervention is the most effective and least costly option to protect your health and the integrity of your home.

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