How to Fix a Busted Pipe: What You Need to Know

When a pipe bursts in your home, it can be a scary situation.

As it turns out, the average homeowner’s insurance deductible for a burst water pipe costs hundreds of dollars. If you have very high-end fixtures, especially something like an imported marble bathroom sink, your costs can skyrocket.

What’s worse is that water damage to your home’s wooden framing can mean thousands more in repair costs. Luckily, identifying your issue and fixing pipe leaks isn’t as complicated as you might think. Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to fix a busted pipe.

How to Fix a Busted Pipe: What You Need to Know

Identify the Issue

Identifying the issue is the most critical part of fixing a busted pipe. First, you need to figure out what caused the pipe to break. It could have been an accident or a wear and tear issue. If it’s a wear and tear issue, you need to find and address the problem’s root.

Once you’ve identified the issue, assess the damage. If a section of the pipe is leaking, determine how far the water is spreading and if it has contaminated any surrounding materials. If it is a major issue, it may be best to call a plumber.

Locate the Problem

Locating the problem with a broken water pipe is an essential first step in determining how to fix it. This may involve turning off the water in the house and shutting off the main water valve if applicable. Once the water supply is isolated, inspect the pipe for any visible signs of damage or leaks.

Check for any bulging or cracking where water could be escaping. You may need a flashlight and mirror to inspect the area properly. It may be necessary to remove any covering underneath the pipe to better check the physical damage on the pipe.

Assess Your Options

Assessing your options is a vital step when it comes to fixing a busted pipe. Depending on the severity of the leak, you may have to decide between attempting to fix the issue yourself or engaging a professional plumber. You may ask this water damage restoration company to help you fix the leaking water pipe.

If taking the self-help route, it is important to consider the complexity of the repair, access to the right tools, and the time available to complete the task. Consider your skill level in plumbing and ask yourself if it is a task you would be comfortable attempting. Also, research what tools you may need for the repair and ensure you have access to them if required.

Avoid Future Pipe Emergencies

Regularly checking pipes for signs of wear and tear is advisable to avoid future pipe emergencies and water damage. If any damage is visible, repair it immediately before more extensive and costly damage occurs. Prevention goes a long way in plumbing and can save time, energy, and money.

Learn How to Fix a Busted Pipe Properly

Learn How to Fix a Busted Pipe Properly

If you know what caused the busted pipe, you can decide to get the right supplies and begin the repair process. Remember always to take safety precautions when handling water, cleaning products, and tools.

Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help if you’re unsure how to fix a busted pipe. Take action now and be proactive in protecting your home from water damage.

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