How to Buy a Timeshare You Won’t Regret

Roughly 50 percent of American families take at least one vacation every year. Vacations are an ideal time to bond as a family, create new memories, and explore new destinations.

However, vacations don’t come cheap. With the prevailing economic hardship, more and more families are struggling to pay for their annual vacations.

If you’re looking for ways to cut your vacation expenses, you might have come across timeshares. You can save money with a timeshare, but a lot depends on the property you invest in.

Read this article for a guide on how to buy a timeshare you’ll love.

How to Buy a Timeshare You Won't Regret

Understand How Timeshares Work

You’ve certainly read stories of people who were struggling to get out of their timeshare contracts and probably developed cold feet. Of course, you don’t want to get trapped in a timeshare you don’t use or need. But this is a problem you can avoid by understanding how timeshares work before you sign on the dotted line.

Although there are different types of timeshares, the general working principle is the same. You buy a fraction of a vacation property, such as a resort, and use it during specific times of the year.

With this knowledge, you’re in a better position to decide if a timeshare is the right investment for you. For example, if you don’t have control over when you have your annual vacation, buying a timeshare can be a bad idea. What if you’re not able to make time (maybe for work or school reasons) for a vacation when your time to use the timeshare property rolls around?

Know Your Vacation Needs

In many ways, fractional vacation ownership is like homeownership. The property’s location is fixed, which means that’s where you’ll be vacationing if you want to use the property.

Knowing your vacation needs (and those of your loved ones) is key to choosing a property you’ll love. If you love beach vacations, it makes sense to buy a timeshare in a beach property. Although you might find irresistible timeshare deals for inland properties, there’s a good chance you won’t enjoy vacationing there.

Find a Good Deal for Your Finances

Timeshare ownership comes with some costs you need to keep in mind. There’s the upfront cost of the timeshare, which varies depending on the nature of the vacation property and the length of the interval. There are also recurring property maintenance expenses and other associated costs.

The timeshare market is awash with properties, so you have a duty to find a good deal. Overpaying for a timeshare property is a sure way to end up with regrets.

There’s a thriving timeshare resale market where you can find great deals from people who’re looking to exit their timeshares. Check out these DVC resale listings to get started on your search.

Know How to Buy a Timeshare the Right Way

Buying a timeshare can be a smart move for you and your family. The cost of vacationing shouldn’t deter you from setting time aside to unwind and make new memories. With this guide on how to buy a timeshare, you now know how to find a property you’ll enjoy and a deal that makes sense for your finances.

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