How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work? What You Should Know

Did you know that around 20% of the United States population has invested in cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is one of the best digital currencies to invest in, and ATMs are making digital wallets more accessible. 

If you are investing in Bitcoin, you might be wondering, how does a Bitcoin ATM work.

Keep reading to learn what is a Bitcoin ATM and how you can manage your digital wallet with one! 

What Is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency that people are investing in. 

This form of cryptocurrency can be used to buy goods and services, along with exchange for other types of crypto. The ATMs are electric kiosks that help Bitcoin owners exchange and upload money to their digital wallets. 

Bitcoin ATMs are meant to make accessing money and digital wallets easier. Although most people use their devices to manage their wallets, they can’t get money dispensed through an application. 

What Can You Do at an ATM?

Depending on the type of ATM you are using, you can purchase Bitcoin, and some have other options as well. 

Certain Bitcoin ATMs can dispense fiat cash by making an account withdrawal. The ATM will notify you of the exchange rate and confirm the transaction with you before dispensing the money and updating your ledger. 

If you want to transfer funds to someone else you can also transfer money at the kiosks. This option can help you quickly transfer money to another country, without worrying about exchange rates. 

Blockchain technology helps ATMs keep a current and accurate ledger of transactions. You can look up your balance on your accounts and monitor exchange rates for when you go to sell. 

How to Purchase Bitcoin 

Before you can start using Bitcoin ATMs, you’ll need to establish your wallet and purchase the cryptocurrency. 

While you search for companies to buy Bitcoin from, be cautious of places advertising free Bitcoin. These companies are often a scam and could be your digital wallet at risk. 

Below are some of the simple steps that will help you safely get Bitcoin into your account. 

Join Bitcoin Exchange

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, several sites act as an exchange platform.

Bitcoin exchange accounts shouldn’t require you to input personal information. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and not regulated by the government. It uses blockchain technology to manage user information and keep the system updated.

Some sites, however, do follow some laws and require identification. Gemini, Coinbase, and Kraken could cost a small investment. Binance is one of the preferred options amongst crypto traders since it has versatile trading functions. 

Get a Digital Wallet

While searching for an exchange platform, you should also be setting up your digital wallet. 

PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are the most popular options for a digital wallet. Since most people already use these platforms, there are easy to integrate with digital currencies. You can sign up for a wallet on their websites and must review the app’s terms and conditions. 

After your digital wallet account is created, you can connect your bank account to it. This will make it easy to transfer funds and purchase Bitcoin. You can upload debit and credit card information to your wallet so that everything is in one place. 

Your digital wallet is essentially just a tracking device to know how much Bitcoin you have. You must use your phone or ATM to manage cryptocurrencies. 

Make the Exchange 

Buying your Bitcoin is simple once you’ve established your wallet and can transfer funds. 

Your digital wallet is connected to your bank account. You’ll only have to select a few buttons to make the exchange and your fiat money will be converted to Bitcoin on your digital wallet. 

Although Bitcoin lost nearly 55% of its value over the past year, many people are making the exchange while prices are low. You can exchange money for Bitcoin at an affordable price. This was previously difficult for low-income individuals while the exchange rates were at an all-time high.

Manage Your Investments 

Many people compare investing in Bitcoin to investing in the stock market.

Although there are some differences, especially with the decentralized platform, there are commonalities. You must manage your Bitcoin and other digital currencies to ensure you don’t lose on your investments and build wealth. 

By investing in suitable cryptocurrencies, you can make money and watch your digital wallet grow. 

Navigating the ATMs

After your wallet is set up and you’ve invested in Bitcoin, you can start using the ATMs. 

Much like bank ATMs, you can complete transactions, find information, and get statements. Long lines and learning curves prevent people from exploring the machines, but once you have a QR code, you can start exploring. 

If you want to be prepared for your first transaction, take a look at the tips below. 

Find an ATM Location 

The first and most difficult part of using cryptocurrency ATMs is finding them. 

Many people recommend that you visit to find ATMs. You can look them up with your location and take control of your finances on the go. Bitcoin ATMs are often located in populated areas such as cities and financial districts. 

Some gas stations, convenience stores, and groceries even have Bitcoin ATMs! Always check the hours and addresses of the ATMs since they can easily get overlooked.

Keep in mind that not all crypto ATMs are compatible with Bitcoin. If you insert money into the ATM to make an exchange, verify the currency before confirming the transaction.  

What Do They Look Like? 

Once you join the Bitcoin exchange, you will start getting familiar with the black and goldish-yellow colors. 

Black and gold are the colors you want to look for when finding a Bitcoin ATM. White machines, for example, are often meant for Pelicoin and Ether. Some Bitcoin ATMs and gray and blue. 

Below the screen, there will be a few sections to insert and pull money from. There is also a keypad on most if you need to input a value or PIN. 

Pay attention to the machines when you walk up to them, especially if they can handle various types of crypto. All of the Bitcoin ATMs have a touch-screen that you can navigate. Make sure there aren’t any modifications to the ATM either, since scammers are known for inserting devices to take cash. 

How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work?

When you walk up to the ATM, it will feel like walking up to any other ATM.

But you may find yourself wondering, how does a Bitcoin ATM work?

You will start the transaction by scanning your QR code to get access to your digital wallet. You can also insert your phone number and verify your identity if you don’t have a QR code. Once inside, you can deposit cash, transfer cryptocurrencies, and pull fiat money out. 

After you insert the fiat money, select the amount you want to exchange or pull. There will be a final confirmation page to ensure the accuracy of the transaction details. Your transaction will automatically get uploaded to the ledger and your balance will be updated. 

At the end of your transaction, a receipt will be printed with your most current balance. It will also display how much money your deposited or withdrew from the account and the exchange rate details. 

Are There Limits?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer for the limits of withdrawing and depositing money into Bitcoin ATMs. 

Depending on the machine and company you use, transactions typically can’t go above $3,000. Certain accounts with a larger balance can go up as high as $20,000, but this isn’t the option for most investors. 

There are also limits on how you can purchase Bitcoin. When you’re at the ATMs, you must use money from your debit card or cash to make the purchase. Credit cards aren’t acceptable forms of payment when buying crypto unless you’re using a peer-to-peer network. 

Use a Bitcoin ATM With Confidence 

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up on nearly every corner in the cities, but some people are too intimidated to go up to them. 

Understanding the basics of how does a Bitcoin ATM work, can help you manage your money and make exchanges. You can deposit fiat money into the ATMs to exchange them for Bitcoin and grow your digital wallet or transfer funds to another person. When you are confident in navigating the system, you don’t have to stress over long lines. 

Using decentralized banking with crypto reduces the risk of fraud, which is common at traditional ATMs. Don’t be afraid to invest in Bitcoin to take control of your finances. 

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency trends and how to invest your money, read our blog for the latest content! 

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