Hotel Marketing 101: The Basics of Promotion In the Hospitality Sector

Did you know that the travel sector reports that 60% of bookings are generated online? 

Truth be told, the hotel sector and its marketing are not easy to navigate. Target audiences can chop and change from season to season, or depending on the hotel’s room rates and promotions. 

Aside from the marketing, you’ve got to worry about day-to-day logistics and the running of your hotel. We’re here to share some hotel marketing secrets with you so that you can build the right strategy and attract more customers. 

Hotel Marketing: The Lowdown

As with any marketing in any industry, you should start with understanding what the goals of your hotel are and what you want to achieve. 

Are you wanting to attract more guests? Get more bookings? Maintain higher customer loyalty?

The thing with hotel marketing is that there are so many groups within your target audience particularly if you’re looking at different sectors such as all the services that your hotel offers. 

Determine Your Audience

Before you can start to market your hotel, you need to know who you’re going to market it to. So, step one is to ascertain your audience. 

Establish a clear understanding of who your guests are. 

Establishing this information and persona will help you determine the next steps in your hotel marketing strategy and plan. Things like which channels you’ll be advertising on can help you deliver a more personalized marketing message. 

Focus On Your Channels

If your hotel is hip and trendy with a focus on young digital nomads, then you need to figure out where these people can be found online. 

Are they hanging out on Instagram? Perhaps they’re on Facebook?

Actually, now that you mention it, I bet a bunch of them are on Tik Tok. However, if your ideal hotel guest is businessmen and conference guests then you may have more joy searching for them on LinkedIn. 

Make a strategic decision when you choose your channels. 

Content Is Absolutely King

Your content marketing should be a fundamental part of your hotel SEO strategy

Blogging and content creation can help you find website visitors through relevant and quality information that you should be publishing. This can be done with the right image, the right link, the right video, and a number of other tools. 

Create content that is made with your audience in mind. 

Hotel Marketing Magic

Finding the sweet spot with your hotel marketing is not going to happen overnight. Digital marketing for hotels is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Remember, that the demographics of your audience and a deep understanding of their wants is what will allow you to build a comprehensive marketing plan that will get you positive results and a good return on investment. 

Don’t go anywhere just yet, we have a solid section on all things marketing just waiting for you to get your fill, head on over now. 

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