Harper Zilmer birthday

Harper Zilmer Birthday – What is the Age of Harper?

Harper Zilmer birthday

Harper Zilmer, the popular TikTok star, was born on March 22, 2009 in Dallas, Texas, United States. As of now in 2023, she is 14 years old.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harper Zilmer was born on March 22, 2009
  • She is currently 14 years old
  • Harper Zilmer is a well-known TikTok star
  • She gained fame through her creative content on TikTok
  • Her birthplace is Dallas, Texas

Harper Zilmer’s Rise to Fame on TikTok

Harper Zilmer, a talented TikTok star and social media personality, has captivated audiences with her creative content and captivating lip-sync videos. Since joining TikTok in January 2023, she has quickly risen to prominence, amassing a dedicated following and millions of views on her videos.

With her infectious energy and flair for entertainment, Harper has become a household name on TikTok. Her skillful performances and relatable humor have resonated with viewers, leading to her videos going viral and reaching a wide audience. One of her videos, in particular, garnered over 5 million views in February 2023, catapulting her into the spotlight.

Known by her handle “harperzilmer4,” Harper’s TikTok account has become a hub for engaging content. From lip-sync performances to “get ready with me” videos, she showcases her talent and unique style, keeping her fans eagerly awaiting her next post. As a testament to her popularity, Harper currently has more than 2.3 million fans on TikTok, a number that continues to grow.

Harper Zilmer’s Journey to TikTok Stardom

Harper’s journey to TikTok stardom is a testament to her passion and dedication. Through her hard work and creativity, she has gained recognition within the social media landscape. Her ability to connect with viewers on a personal level has set her apart and solidified her status as a rising star.

“TikTok has provided me with a platform to express myself and share my talents with the world,” says Harper. “I am incredibly grateful for the support and love from my fans.”

  1. Harper Zilmer’s infectious energy and creative content have earned her a dedicated following on TikTok.
  2. Her lip-sync performances and relatable humor have resonated with viewers, leading to viral videos and millions of views.
  3. As a talented TikTok star, Harper continues to inspire and entertain her growing fan base.
Key PointsDetails
Harper’s TikTok handleharperzilmer4
Number of TikTok fans2.3 million+
Views on viral videoOver 5 million

Harper Zilmer’s rise to fame on TikTok showcases the power of social media platforms to catapult talented individuals into the spotlight. With her passion, creativity, and growing fan base, Harper is poised to continue making waves in the world of entertainment.

Harper Zilmer’s Personal Life

Harper Zilmer, the popular TikTok star, was born under the Zodiac sign Aries, known for their fiery nature. As an Aries, she is often associated with traits such as being confident, determined, and passionate. Aries individuals are known for their leadership abilities and their bold and assertive nature. They are driven by their ambitions and are not afraid to take risks to achieve their goals.

Harper Zilmer’s Chinese Zodiac sign is the Ox. People born in the year of the Ox are known for their hardworking nature, reliability, and practical approach to life. They are often seen as stable and responsible individuals who approach their endeavors with determination and dedication. The combination of Aries and Ox traits in Harper’s astrological charts suggests that she possesses a unique blend of passion, drive, and practicality.

Zodiac SignChinese Zodiac Sign

Harper Zilmer’s astrological details provide insights into her personality traits, helping us understand her approach to life and her interactions with others. As an Aries and an Ox, she likely possesses a strong sense of determination, a drive for success, and a reliable nature. These characteristics may have played a role in her rise to fame on TikTok, as she demonstrated her creativity, confidence, and ability to connect with her followers through her content.

Harper Zilmer’s Family and Background

Harper Zilmer, the TikTok sensation, has managed to keep her family and upbringing relatively private. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, not much information is publicly known about her parents and siblings. Despite her growing popularity, Harper prefers to focus on her career and content creation rather than sharing personal details about her family life.

Harper’s background in Dallas, Texas, has undoubtedly shaped her journey as a social media influencer. Growing up in a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and entertainment industry, Harper has likely been influenced by the diverse and creative atmosphere around her. However, the specifics of her upbringing and its impact on her career remain undisclosed.

While fans are curious to know more about Harper Zilmer’s family and background, she has chosen to maintain a level of privacy around these aspects of her life. As she continues to captivate audiences with her TikTok videos, it’s clear that her talent and relatable content are what truly make her a rising star in the world of social media.

Harper Zilmer’s Height and Physical Appearance

While the exact height of Harper Zilmer is not publicly specified, it is estimated to be between 155 and 160 cm. Her height, although not explicitly disclosed, does not hinder her popularity as a TikTok star. Instead, it is her distinctive physical features that contribute to her unique appearance and charm.

Harper Zilmer is known for her vibrant red hair and captivating blue eyes. These striking features not only make her stand out but also add to her overall appeal as a social media personality. With her confident and expressive presence, she captivates her audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Physical FeaturesDescription
HeightEstimated between 155-160 cm
HairVibrant red
EyesCaptivating blue

Harper Zilmer’s physical appearance, coupled with her talent and charisma, has contributed to her success as a TikTok star. She has garnered a dedicated following and continues to capture the attention of millions with her entertaining content.

Harper Zilmer’s TikTok Success

Harper Zilmer’s rise to fame on TikTok has been nothing short of extraordinary. With her unique humor and charismatic personality, she has captured the hearts of millions of followers. Her TikTok account, “harperzilmer4,” has become a hub of entertainment, drawing in a massive audience with her infectious energy.

One of the key factors behind Harper’s TikTok success is her ability to create viral videos. Her content resonates with viewers, resulting in millions of views and countless shares. From hilarious lip-sync performances to relatable skits, she knows how to engage her audience and keep them coming back for more. Harper’s dedication to her craft is evident in the consistently high-quality content she produces.

With over 3 million followers and counting, Harper Zilmer has built a dedicated fanbase on TikTok. Her fans eagerly await her new uploads, eagerly anticipating the next viral sensation. Her ability to connect with her audience has made her a social media sensation and solidified her status as one of TikTok’s rising stars.


MetricsHarper Zilmer’s TikTok Account
TikTok Followers3 million+
Viral VideosMultiple
Million ViewsCountless

Harper Zilmer’s TikTok success is a testament to her talent and dedication. As she continues to create engaging content and capture the hearts of her audience, there is no doubt that her star will continue to shine brightly in the world of social media.

Harper Zilmer’s Net Worth and Career

Harper Zilmer, the talented and charismatic TikTok star, has not only amassed a massive following on the popular social media platform but has also found financial success through her online endeavors. While her exact net worth remains undisclosed, it is evident that Harper’s main source of income stems from her impressive TikTok presence and her numerous collaborations with various brands.

As a TikTok star, Harper has captivated millions of viewers with her unique content and relatable humor. With over 3 million dedicated followers and millions of likes on her videos, her influence and popularity have soared. With each viral video and every milestone reached, Harper solidifies her position as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

Harper’s TikTok success has opened up numerous opportunities for her, including collaborations with well-known brands and sponsorships. Through these partnerships, she has been able to monetize her vast online following and further enhance her career. As she continues to grow and evolve, Harper’s net worth is expected to increase, solidifying her status as one of TikTok’s most prominent stars.

Income SourcesDetails
Brand CollaborationsHarper partners with various brands to promote their products or services on her TikTok account.
SponsorshipsHarper receives sponsorships from companies who wish to align their brand with her online persona and influence.
Merchandise SalesHarper sells her own merchandise, such as clothing and accessories, to her dedicated fanbase.
Content CreationBy consistently creating engaging and entertaining content, Harper attracts more followers and increases her income potential.

Harper Zilmer’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative talent have propelled her career as a TikTok star. With her ever-growing net worth and continued success, she is paving the way for other aspiring social media influencers and leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

Harper Zilmer’s Social Media Presence

Harper Zilmer, the popular TikTok star, has a strong and active presence on various social media platforms. In addition to her TikTok account, where she gained fame and a dedicated following, she also engages with her fans through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Let’s take a closer look at her social media presence and activities.


On Instagram, Harper Zilmer shares updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life. She posts photos and videos showcasing her day-to-day activities, fashion choices, and interactions with fans. With a growing following, she has become an influencer on the platform, inspiring her fans with her style and positivity.


While specific details about Harper Zilmer’s activities on Facebook are not publicly known, she maintains a presence on the platform to connect with her fans. She may share updates and interact with her followers through posts, photos, and videos. Facebook provides her with another avenue to engage with her wide-ranging fan base.


Harper Zilmer also has a YouTube channel where she shares a variety of content. From vlogs to challenges, she provides her fans with an opportunity to see a different side of her. YouTube allows her to create longer-form videos and connect with her audience in a more personal and in-depth way.

Overall, Harper Zilmer maintains an active and engaging presence on social media platforms beyond TikTok. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube serve as additional channels for her to connect with her fans, share updates, and showcase her unique personality and talents.

Harper Zilmer’s Interesting Facts and Personal Stories

Harper Zilmer, the TikTok star with millions of followers, has had her fair share of interesting experiences and personal stories that have shaped her life. From memorable childhood moments to unexpected accidents, these anecdotes provide a glimpse into the life of this social media sensation.

One of the most notable incidents in Harper’s life involves electric scooter accidents. Not only did she have one, but she had two separate accidents while riding an electric scooter. These accidents served as reminders of the importance of safety and caution in everyday activities. Despite the mishaps, Harper’s positive outlook shines through as she emphasizes the importance of learning from one’s mistakes.

“I’ve learned that accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how cautious you are. It’s essential to take precautions and stay alert, whether it’s riding an electric scooter or engaging in any other activity. Safety should always be a top priority,” Harper reflects.

In addition to the scooter accidents, Harper Zilmer also had a childhood experience that left a lasting impact on her. She had a terrifying near-drowning incident that serves as a reminder of the fragility of life. The incident served as a turning point for Harper, motivating her to embrace every moment and appreciate the value of family and support.

While these personal stories highlight some of the challenges Harper Zilmer has faced, they also showcase her resilience and determination. Through sharing these experiences, she aims to inspire others to learn from their own setbacks and find strength in difficult times.

Harper Zilmer’s Interesting Facts and Personal Stories:

Electric Scooter AccidentsHarper had two separate accidents while riding an electric scooter, emphasizing the importance of safety and learning from mistakes.
Near-Drowning ExperienceHarper had a terrifying childhood incident where she almost drowned, leading to a newfound appreciation for life and a focus on family.

Harper Zilmer’s personal stories provide valuable lessons and insights into her life beyond social media. These experiences, coupled with her positive attitude, contribute to her success as a TikTok star and inspire her massive fan base.


Harper Zilmer, the beloved TikTok star, recently celebrated her 14th birthday on March 22, 2023. With her creative content and captivating performances, she has captured the hearts of millions of fans on TikTok. From her humble beginnings in Dallas, Texas, Harper’s rise to fame has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Since joining TikTok in early 2023, Harper Zilmer has quickly become a prominent figure on the platform. Her lip-sync videos and engaging “get ready with me” content have entertained and inspired her ever-growing fan base. Her talents have not gone unnoticed, with one of her videos going viral and amassing over 5 million views.

Although Harper Zilmer’s exact height is not known, her striking blue eyes and vibrant red hair make her a distinctive presence on TikTok. Her unique appearance adds to her appeal and sets her apart from other influencers in the industry.

As Harper Zilmer’s popularity continues to soar, so does her net worth. While the exact figure is undisclosed, her success on TikTok has opened doors to lucrative brand collaborations and sponsorships. With her engaging content and strong online presence, Harper Zilmer’s future in the digital world looks bright.

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