What Makes a Good Website Design Element?

Did you know that poor website design is the leading cause of increased bounce rate? Most website visitors base their opinions on the website’s aesthetics and responsiveness.

A good website design gives your visitors an excellent first impression. They will perceive you to be professional, reliable and that you take your business seriously.

Investing in a UX design will also give you a competitive advantage, improve your ranking on the search engines and help you maximize conversions, hence revenue. Every website aims to optimize traffic. A good website design element is to be attractive but extremely easy to use. 

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1. Usability Is Everything

The visual design of your website is essential. But it cannot beat the power of a usable site.

It would be best to give visitors the easiest time figuring out where each feature of your website is placed. The site may appear attractive from afar, but if the users have to scratch their heads trying to locate the search box, then you are not prioritizing their needs.

2. The Website Should be Navigable

Navigation and usability go hand in hand. Navigation helps visitors find their way through different pages on your website, giving them an easy shopping experience.

Ensure your site has easy-to trace and use navigation keys if you want visitors to spend more time on the site and even convert into buyers. Otherwise, if the visitors find your site confusing, they will leave to look for similar products or services elsewhere.

Keep your site simple and consistent on each page to avoid frustrating users. You can check out resources online on how to create site navigation or let experts handle the complex process. 

3. Relevant Content

Website design does not stop at the layout and color schemes. The messaging is also a critical determinant of how visitors perceive your website.

The website visitors are there for value. They are looking for helpful information regarding your product or services to establish if they need it. Clear communication is therefore essential to maximize website engagement.

Take your time to craft relevant blogs with visitors’ needs in mind. It would be best if you also created a few short and high-quality videos as most individuals prefer watching to reading. Ensure that the content is well-organized to give users a nice flow from one page to the next.

Be sure to track how users are interacting with your content. You have numerous tools at your disposal to help you measure user interactions and engagement to establish if your website needs improvement. 

You can do so via session replay, a technology that allows you to view how users interact with your website. Check out this site on how to define it to identify any issues faced by visitors on your site.

4. Work on the Layout and Visual Features

Your site’s curb appeal is a critical component of a UX design. Keep in mind that a website is a virtual store. Just like you would want visitors in your brick and motor store to find it clean and appealing, the same applies to your website.

The best website layout and visuals are responsible for creating the first impression. You, therefore, want to wow the visitors as soon as they get to the landing page. It takes visitors at most 50 milliseconds to judge your site and decide if they want to stay or leave.

Your website layout should be simple, accessible, and clean. Avoid using too many sophisticated elements as they can be a turnoff. Instead, use whitespace for appeal and readability. Organize the content and use high-quality visuals.

Hire a web design expert for the best site navigation layouts for simplicity and professionalism. 

5. A Good Website Design Element Is to Be Mobile Compatible

In this era, nearly everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. Individuals spend most of their time on these devices, browsing through social media or checking out new stuff online.

You will likely lose many potential buyers if you have not invested in a mobile-friendly website. Shoppers no longer use desktops and laptops to shop online. They want to do it on the go while resting at a Cafe, in bed and ready to sleep, or even in class.

Give your target audience an easy time accessing your site from anywhere with a mobile-compatible site and watch your traffic grow.

A mobile-friendly site also means using more trending content like Reels, Shorts, and others, which can easily be made with online software like Adobe Express. Click here for Adobe Expresses Free Chrome Extension.

6. Website Speed Matters

Your site’s loading time plays a crucial role when it comes to traffic and conversion. More than 70% of website visitors make their purchase decisions based on the speed of the website.

Think of your site as your favorite coffee shop. When you get there, you want to be served as fast as possible so you can leave for your next errands. Slow and poor services will force you to look for another coffee shop across the street or opt to do without coffee altogether.

The same case applies to website speed. If it is slow, visitors will leave for the competitors’ site or change their mind about purchasing the intended product. Your website loading speed is responsible for boosting user experience hence reducing churn rate.

It also affects your rating on the search engine and dictates how much time a visitor spends on your site. You can improve your website speed by reducing Plugins, managing the weight of the Website, and letting experts provide you with the best business website layout design.

7. Simplicity Is the Key

Simplicity should sum up your website design. Users are on your site to seek information. In most cases, they will not even notice the sophisticated elements.

For starters, avoid too many adverts. Strive to offer written content, a few relevant images, and videos, and you are good to go. Ensure the website is well-organized and users can easily navigate through the page. What seems like a basic website to you might be just what visitors are looking for.

Maximize Conversions and Sales With the Best Website Design

Now that you understand what a good website design element entails, you are better positioned to create a functional site to boost conversions. Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance for guaranteed quality results.

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