Cooper Rush Career Earnings: NFL Income and Financial Path

Cooper Rush has built an impressive career in the NFL, with a strong financial trajectory to match. His hard work and dedication have paid off, as he has earned significant sums of money throughout his time in the league.

Over the course of his career, Rush has signed several contracts that have contributed to his net worth. As a starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in 2017, he earned an annual salary of $465,000 and received a signing bonus of $15,000. He also signed a two-year deal worth $1.7 million with the New York Giants in 2020, including a $100,000 signing bonus.

But Rush’s financial success goes beyond his contracts and salary. He has also made wise investments and established partnerships with various brands, boosting his overall net worth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cooper Rush’s NFL contracts have contributed significantly to his career earnings.
  • He has also made strategic investments and formed partnerships to grow his net worth.
  • Rush’s financial success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.
  • His earnings demonstrate the potential for financial prosperity in the NFL for those who work hard and seize opportunities.
  • Stay tuned to learn more about Rush’s career earnings and financial path in the following sections.

Cooper Rush’s Early Career

Cooper Rush’s journey to the NFL began when he joined the Central Michigan University football team as a walk-on in 2013. Despite his underdog status, he quickly impressed his coaches and teammates with his work ethic and talent, eventually becoming the starting quarterback.

Rush’s salary history as a rookie in the NFL was much different from what it is now. In 2017, as an undrafted free agent, he signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys worth $1.66 million, with a signing bonus of $10,000. In his first season, he was listed as the third-string quarterback behind Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore and did not see any playing time.

Over the next two seasons, Rush continued to develop his skills and build his reputation within the Cowboys organization. He became known for his accuracy and decision-making on the field, earning the nickname “Cooper Clutch” from his teammates. His salary increased in 2018 and 2019, with a base salary of $555,000 and $645,000, respectively.

Despite his growth and potential, Rush was released by the Cowboys in 2020, only to be claimed off waivers by the New York Giants. He played in only one game for the Giants, completing his only pass attempt for two yards. However, his time with the Giants gave him the opportunity to earn an additional $390,000.

Overall, Cooper Rush’s salary history reflects the typical path of an undrafted free agent: starting with a low base salary and gradually increasing as he gained experience and proved his worth on the field.

Cooper Rush’s Contract Details

Cooper Rush’s contract details have been the subject of much speculation throughout his NFL career. Here, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of his contract terms and how they have evolved over time.

Rush signed his first NFL contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2017 as an undrafted free agent. The contract was a three-year deal worth a total of $1.66 million, with a $10,000 signing bonus and $80,000 guaranteed. Rush’s base salary for the 2017 season was $465,000.

In 2018, Rush signed a one-year contract extension with the Cowboys worth $630,000 in base salary. He also received a $25,000 signing bonus and $90,000 in guaranteed money.

After spending the 2019 season as a free agent, Rush signed a contract with the New York Giants in 2020. The one-year deal was worth $1.25 million, with a $100,000 signing bonus and $235,000 guaranteed.

Rush returned to the Cowboys in 2021, signing a one-year contract worth $1.25 million. The deal included a $200,000 signing bonus and $750,000 guaranteed.

It’s worth noting that Rush’s contract details include various performance-based incentives, such as bonuses for playing time and touchdown passes. These incentives can significantly increase his earnings if he achieves them.

Overall, Rush’s contract details have shown steady growth throughout his NFL career. His ability to negotiate new contracts and capitalize on performance-based incentives have contributed to his financial success.

Growth of Cooper Rush’s Net Worth

Cooper Rush’s net worth has grown significantly over the course of his NFL career. While his initial contract as an undrafted free agent was modest, his subsequent contracts have provided a substantial boost to his net worth.

In 2019, Cooper Rush signed a one-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys worth a reported $2.025 million, including a $1 million signing bonus. This was a significant increase from his previous salaries and further added to his net worth.

Additionally, Cooper Rush has made astute financial investments outside of his NFL career. He has placed a portion of his earnings into diversified portfolios, including stocks, bonds, and real estate, which have further contributed to his net worth growth.

Cooper Rush has also benefitted from endorsement deals, which have been a major source of income for many successful NFL players. While he may not have as many lucrative deals as some of his peers, he has still benefited from partnerships with brands such as Nike and Gatorade.

Overall, Cooper Rush’s career financials have been impressive, and his net worth growth is a testament to his financial acumen and wise investments.

Financial Success and Earnings Analysis

Cooper Rush’s financial success can be attributed to his impressive career earnings in the NFL. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is around $2 million. But how did he achieve this level of financial success? Let’s dive into the numbers through an earnings analysis.

Over the course of his career, Cooper Rush has earned a total of $2,714,118 in salary from the NFL. His highest earning year was in 2020, when he earned $825,000 as a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

When compared to other NFL players in his position, Cooper Rush’s earnings may seem modest, but it’s important to keep in mind that he has primarily been a backup quarterback. Despite limited playing time, Rush has managed to maintain a consistent income through his career.

2017Dallas Cowboys495,000
2018Dallas Cowboys555,000
2019New York Giants645,000
2020Dallas Cowboys825,000

It’s worth noting that Rush’s income isn’t solely from his NFL career. Like many professional athletes, he may have additional sources of income, such as endorsements or investments.

Overall, Cooper Rush’s career earnings and financial success in the NFL have been impressive. Through smart financial management and a consistent income stream, he has been able to build a strong net worth over time.

Cooper Rush’s Income Beyond Football

Aside from his success in the NFL, Cooper Rush may have other professional earnings that have contributed to his overall income. While there is limited information available on this topic, it is possible that Rush has pursued entrepreneurial ventures or invested in other industries.

One potential avenue for additional income is endorsements. While Rush may not have the same level of recognition as some of the NFL’s biggest stars, he may still be a valuable spokesperson for certain brands. Companies that align with his values or personal interests may see him as a compelling choice for endorsements.

Furthermore, Rush may have invested in businesses or startups outside of football. This could range from real estate investments to early-stage investments in innovative startups. However, these types of investments can be risky, and it is unclear if Rush has pursued this type of financial strategy.

Regardless of his sources of income beyond the NFL, it is clear that Cooper Rush has built a successful financial foundation for himself through his football career. His dedication and hard work have allowed him to achieve financial success, and his future prospects look bright.

Cooper Rush’s Contributions to the Community

As a professional athlete, Cooper Rush has had the opportunity to make a positive impact on his community through various philanthropic endeavors. One cause that he has been particularly passionate about is helping children and families in need.

Cooper Rush has been actively involved in supporting local charities that focus on children’s health and education. He has participated in fundraising events for organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In addition to his work with charities, Cooper Rush has also taken part in community outreach programs that aim to promote physical fitness and healthy living. He has visited local schools and youth centers to promote the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

Overall, Cooper Rush’s contributions to his community are a testament to his character and his commitment to making a positive impact on the world around him.

Cooper Rush’s Financial Advice and Tips

As a successful NFL player, Cooper Rush has learned valuable financial lessons throughout his career. He believes in the importance of both saving and investing wisely.

“It’s crucial to live below your means and save as much as possible,” says Rush. ” Investing in stocks, real estate, and other assets can also help grow your wealth over time.”

Rush also advises young athletes to seek the guidance of a financial advisor to help them manage their money and make informed decisions about their investments.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help and seek out a trusted advisor who understands your financial goals,” he says. ” They can provide valuable insights and help you make smart financial decisions.”

Finally, Rush believes in the importance of giving back to the community. He encourages others to support charitable causes they believe in and make a positive impact wherever they can.

“Giving back to the community is a way to show gratitude and make a difference,” he says. “It’s important to use your platform and resources to help others whenever you can.”

Cooper Rush’s Future Financial Outlook

As Cooper Rush progresses through his NFL career, his financial path will continue to evolve. One factor that will likely impact his earnings is the length of his career. If he can maintain his current level of play and stay injury-free, he may have the opportunity to sign lucrative contract extensions in the future.

Another factor to consider is the financial landscape of the NFL. As the league continues to evolve and new revenue streams emerge, players may see increased earning potential. Additionally, if the salary cap increases in the future, Rush may be able to negotiate higher salaries.

Finally, Rush may also have opportunities beyond football to increase his income. Whether through endorsement deals or other ventures, he has the potential to build a successful financial portfolio outside of the NFL.

Comparing Cooper Rush’s Earnings to Other NFL Players

Cooper Rush’s career earnings have been impressive, but how do they stack up against other NFL players in similar positions? Let’s take a closer look.

PlayerPositionCareer Earnings
Teddy BridgewaterQuarterback$59,742,225
Jared GoffQuarterback$101,131,067
Cooper RushQuarterback$3,904,370
Blake BortlesQuarterback$77,704,112

As we can see, Cooper Rush’s earnings are significantly lower than other quarterbacks in the league. However, it’s important to note that Rush has only been in the NFL for a few years compared to some of these players who have been in the league for a decade or more.

It’s also worth considering that salaries for NFL players can vary widely depending on factors such as team, position, and individual performance.

Overall, while Rush’s earnings may not be as high as some of his counterparts, he has still achieved significant financial success in his career so far and has the potential to continue growing his net worth in the years to come.


In conclusion, Cooper Rush’s NFL career has been financially successful, with a net worth that has grown significantly over the years. We have explored his career earnings, salary history, and contract details, as well as his income beyond football. In addition, we have examined his contributions to the community and any financial advice he has to offer.

As we have seen, Cooper Rush’s future financial outlook is promising, with potential for contract extensions and continued success on the field. However, it is important to note that financial success in the NFL is not guaranteed, and it is essential for players to manage their finances wisely and plan for the future. Overall, we can learn valuable lessons from Cooper Rush’s financial path and use them to guide our own financial decisions.

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