Clambake Movie Cast: Elvis Presley’s Musical Fun

Get ready to groove to the catchy tunes and charming antics of Elvis Presley in the 1967 musical film, Clambake. Directed by Arthur H. Nadel, this feel-good movie stars Elvis alongside a talented cast that includes Shelley Fabares, Bill Bixby, Suzie Kaye, James Gregory, Will Hutchins, Harold Peary, and Angela Lansbury.

In Clambake, Elvis Presley takes on the role of Scott Hayward, a charismatic heir to an oil fortune. In a bid to find true love, Scott trades places with a water-ski instructor at a Florida hotel. Will the girls fall for him for his true self, or will his father’s wealth play a role in their affections? Join Scott on his journey as he navigates the complexities of love and identity.

clambake movie cast

Key Takeaways:

  • Clambake is a 1967 musical film starring Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares, and Bill Bixby.
  • The movie follows the story of Scott Hayward, an oil fortune heir who trades places with a water-ski instructor to find true love.
  • Elvis Presley’s on-screen charisma and musical talents shine in this light-hearted film.
  • Clambake received mixed reviews, but remains a fun and enjoyable watch for Elvis fans.
  • The movie features a star-studded cast and a soundtrack filled with catchy songs.

Plot Summary: Rebel with a Cause

The film Clambake follows the story of Scott Hayward, the rebellious heir to an oil fortune, who decides to trade places with a water-ski instructor at a Florida hotel. Scott’s goal is to test if girls will like him for who he is, rather than his family’s wealth. Throughout the movie, Scott becomes enamored with Dianne, a woman who initially assumes he is a gold digger. As their relationship develops, Scott must reveal his true identity to Dianne, causing unexpected twists and turns in their journey.

The plot of Clambake explores themes of identity, love, and the importance of being true to oneself. Scott’s mission to find genuine affection and connection speaks to the universal desire to be loved for who we are, rather than our material possessions. The film’s setting in a Florida hotel adds a colorful and lively backdrop for the characters’ romantic escapades, with water-skiing and clambake parties adding to the fun-loving atmosphere.

As Scott navigates the challenges of his unconventional experiment, audiences are taken on a rollicking adventure filled with catchy musical numbers, comedic moments, and heartfelt revelations. Clambake encapsulates the spirit of rebellion and the search for authenticity, making it a classic example of Elvis Presley’s charismatic performances and entertaining storytelling.

Favorite Quote:

“I want to be loved for who I am, not for what I have.” – Scott Hayward

Cast and Characters: A Star-Studded Lineup

In Clambake, Elvis Presley leads a star-studded cast, bringing together a talented group of actors who bring the vibrant characters to life. Let’s take a closer look at the main cast and their memorable roles in the film.

Elvis PresleyScott Hayward/”Tom Wilson”
Shelley FabaresDianne Carter
Bill BixbyJames J. Jamison III
Will HutchinsTom Wilson/”Scott Hayward”

Elvis Presley takes on the leading role as Scott Hayward, who poses as the water-ski instructor Tom Wilson. Presley’s charm and charisma shine through in his portrayal of this character, capturing the attention of both fans and audiences.

“Clambake” showcases the dynamic on-screen chemistry between Elvis and Shelley Fabares, who plays Dianne Carter, the love interest of Scott Hayward. Fabares brings a delightful energy to the role, creating a memorable character.

Bill Bixby adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative as James J. Jamison III, a wealthy playboy who vies for Dianne’s affections. Bixby’s performance brings depth to the character, making him a compelling rival for Scott Hayward.

Will Hutchins portrays the original Tom Wilson, the water-ski instructor who switches places with Scott. Hutchins’ portrayal adds humor and light-heartedness to the film, creating a dynamic dynamic between the characters.

Together, the cast of Clambake delivers a delightful performance, bringing the characters to life and captivating audiences with their talent and charm.

Production and Release: Behind the Scenes

The production of Clambake was led by director Arthur H. Nadel and screenwriter Arthur Browne Jr. The film was produced by Arthur Gardner, Arnold Laven, and Jules Levy. With a talented team behind the scenes, Clambake was set to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and catchy songs.

United Artists took charge of distributing the film, ensuring that it reached audiences across the United States. On October 18, 1967, Clambake made its debut, delighting fans with its vibrant musical numbers and Elvis Presley’s charismatic performance.

Overall, the production of Clambake was a collaborative effort, resulting in a light-hearted and entertaining film that showcases Elvis Presley’s talent as both a singer and actor.

DirectorArthur H. Nadel
ScreenwriterArthur Browne Jr.
ProducersArthur Gardner, Arnold Laven, Jules Levy
DistributorUnited Artists
Release DateOctober 18, 1967

Table: Production and release details of Clambake.

Reception and Box Office Success

Clambake received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising it as one of Elvis’ top offerings to date, while others found it to be a silly and tired little frolic. Despite the mixed reception, the film achieved moderate success at the box office, reaching number 15 on the national weekly box-office charts.

The enduring popularity of Elvis Presley films contributed to Clambake’s box office success. Fans of Elvis eagerly anticipated each new release, ensuring a steady stream of ticket sales. While Clambake may not have been a critical favorite, its light-hearted story, catchy songs, and Elvis’ on-screen charisma attracted audiences who were looking for an entertaining and enjoyable movie experience.

“Clambake may not be critically acclaimed, but it remains a nostalgic treat for fans of Elvis Presley’s movies.”

Elvis Presley had established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, and his films consistently drew crowds eager to see their favorite star in action. The success of Clambake at the box office further solidified Elvis’ status as a box office draw, despite any shortcomings the film may have had.

clambake movie reception

YearMovie TitleBox Office Performance
1967ClambakeNumber 15 on national weekly box-office charts
1968SpeedwayNumber 14 on national weekly box-office charts
1969The Trouble with GirlsNumber 36 on national weekly box-office charts
1970Elvis: That’s the Way It IsNumber 29 on national weekly box-office charts

Filming Locations: Florida or California?

Although Clambake is set in Florida, most of the filming took place in California. Only some second-unit stock footage was shot in Florida, including scenes at the Miami Marine Stadium, where the climactic speedboat race was filmed. However, several exterior “Florida” scenes in the movie clearly show California mountains in the background, and there are even bloopers, such as oil fields in Florida.

While the decision to shoot primarily in California may have been influenced by logistical factors or budget considerations, it does raise questions about the film’s authenticity in portraying its intended setting. Despite these discrepancies, the filmmakers were able to recreate the Florida atmosphere to some extent through the use of stock footage and iconic locations like the Miami Marine Stadium.

Despite the filming mishaps and inconsistencies, Clambake still manages to capture the essence of a fun, beachside adventure. The lively energy of the film and its catchy songs transport viewers to a carefree world of sun, sand, and romance. Whether it’s the glitz and glamour of California or the vibrant spirit of Florida, Clambake serves as an entertaining escapade for Elvis fans and movie lovers alike.

Soundtrack: Music to Dance to

The soundtrack for Clambake is a delightful collection of songs that perfectly complement the film’s energetic and fun atmosphere. Elvis Presley’s musical talents shine through in each track, creating a memorable experience for audiences. From catchy tunes to heartfelt melodies, the soundtrack is a testament to the King of Rock and Roll’s versatility as a performer.

One of the standout songs from the Clambake soundtrack is the title track itself, “Clambake”. This upbeat and lively number sets the tone for the film, capturing the carefree spirit of the characters and their adventures. Elvis’ smooth vocals and the infectious rhythm make it a perfect song to dance to, and it is sure to leave listeners tapping their feet and singing along.

Another notable song from the soundtrack is “Who Needs Money”, a playful and cheeky track that reflects the film’s theme of identity and love. With its catchy chorus and clever lyrics, the song showcases Elvis’ charm and charisma, making it a crowd-pleaser both on and off the screen. It’s an excellent example of Elvis’ ability to infuse his performances with humor and personality.

clambake movie soundtrack

The Clambake soundtrack also features other memorable songs like “A House That Has Everything”, “Confidence”, “Hey, Hey, Hey”, “The Girl I Never Loved”, and “How Can You Lose What You Never Had”. Each song adds depth and dimension to the film, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression on fans of Elvis Presley.

Table: Clambake Soundtrack

Song TitleFeatured Performer
ClambakeElvis Presley
Who Needs MoneyElvis Presley
A House That Has EverythingElvis Presley
ConfidenceElvis Presley
Hey, Hey, HeyElvis Presley
The Girl I Never LovedElvis Presley
How Can You Lose What You Never HadElvis Presley

Behind the Scenes: Challenges and Controversies

While filming Clambake, the production faced several challenges and controversies that added to the behind-the-scenes drama. One notable issue was Elvis Presley’s weight gain prior to filming. The studio demanded that he lose the extra pounds, leading to a strict diet and exercise regimen for the legendary singer.

Another unfortunate incident occurred before shooting began when Elvis suffered a concussion. He slipped and hit his head in his bathroom, causing a delay in production. Despite the setback, Elvis persevered and continued to give his all to the film.

Behind the scenes, tensions also arose between Elvis and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Elvis was growing frustrated with the quality of his movies and desired to take on more serious and less commercial roles. This creative difference led to a strained relationship and added to the challenges faced during the making of Clambake.

“Elvis Presley had gained weight prior to filming, and the studio demanded that he lose the extra pounds. Additionally, Elvis suffered a concussion before shooting began when he slipped and hit his head in his bathroom.”

Despite these obstacles, the cast and crew persevered, and Clambake was completed and released to audiences. The film’s challenges and controversies serve as a testament to the dedication and resilience of those involved in its production.

clambake movie behind the scenes

Legacy and Cultural Impact: A Fun Flick

Clambake may not be hailed as one of Elvis Presley’s most significant cinematic achievements, but it has certainly left its mark on his iconic film career. As one of his lighter and more enjoyable films, Clambake continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Elvis enthusiasts.

The lighthearted storyline, featuring Elvis as the rebellious heir trading places with a water-ski instructor, offers viewers a fun and nostalgic escape. Combined with the catchy soundtrack, which includes memorable tunes like “Clambake” and “A House That Has Everything,” the film has become a delightful treat for fans to revisit time and again.

In terms of critical reception, Clambake received a mix of reviews. While some praised it as one of Elvis’ top offerings, others dismissed it as a silly and tired frolic. Despite the divided opinions, the film managed to reach number 15 on the national weekly box-office charts, proving its moderate success at the time of release.

Table: Clambake Movie Legacy
Release DateOctober 18, 1967
Running Time100 minutes
Box Office PerformanceReached number 15 on the national weekly box-office charts
Critical ReceptionMixed reviews, with praise for Elvis’ performance but criticism for the overall film
SoundtrackFeaturing memorable songs like “Clambake” and “A House That Has Everything”

In the grand scheme of Elvis Presley’s filmography, Clambake may not stand out as one of his most significant works. However, it serves as a testament to his undeniable on-screen charisma and musical talents. Despite any shortcomings, Clambake remains a beloved film among fans who appreciate Elvis’ timeless style and the nostalgic charm of his movies.

Other Notable Appearances: Familiar Faces

Clambake features several notable guest appearances that add to the charm and star power of the movie. Let’s take a closer look at some of the familiar faces that make an appearance alongside Elvis Presley:

Teri Garr

One of the dancers in Clambake is none other than Teri Garr, who went on to have a successful acting career. Known for her roles in films like Young Frankenstein and Tootsie, Garr showcases her dancing skills in this early role.

Corbin Bernsen

During a scene in Clambake, a young Corbin Bernsen can be spotted among the kids. Bernsen later gained fame for his role as Arnie Becker in the popular TV series L.A. Law.

Lisa Slagle

Lisa Slagle, who later became a member of the prestigious Joffrey Ballet, plays a little girl in Clambake who is afraid to go down a playground slide. Elvis’s character sings a song to encourage her, showcasing Slagle’s cameo in the film.

Lee Majors

Lee Majors, known for his role in the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, connived his way into an extra role as a mustachioed waiter in the lounge scene of Clambake.

These guest appearances add to the star-studded lineup of Clambake and provide a delightful surprise for fans of these actors.

clambake movie guest appearances

Table: Notable Guest Appearances

Teri GarrDancer
Corbin BernsenKid
Lisa SlagleLittle Girl
Lee MajorsWaiter

Final Thoughts: Clambake’s Place in Elvis’ Filmography

When discussing Elvis Presley’s filmography, Clambake often finds itself categorized as one of his less memorable works. Critics have not been particularly kind to the film, and it may not rank among Elvis’ best. However, Clambake still offers a glimpse into the iconic singer’s on-screen charisma and undeniable musical talents.

While it is true that Clambake may not showcase Elvis at his absolute finest, it remains an enjoyable watch for fans of his unique style. The lighthearted story, catchy songs, and Elvis’ magnetic presence make it a fun flick to revisit, even if it doesn’t quite reach the heights of his most acclaimed films.

As with any artist’s body of work, Elvis Presley’s filmography includes highs and lows. While Clambake may not rise to the top of the list of his best films, it still holds a place of nostalgic charm and entertainment value for those who appreciate the King’s contributions to the silver screen.


Is Clambake considered one of Elvis Presley’s best films?

Clambake is often regarded as one of Elvis’ lighter and more fun films, but it may not be critically acclaimed. However, it remains a nostalgic treat for fans of Elvis’ movies.

Who are the main cast members in Clambake?

The main cast of Clambake includes Elvis Presley as Scott Hayward/”Tom Wilson”, Shelley Fabares as Dianne Carter, Will Hutchins as Tom Wilson/”Scott Hayward”, and Bill Bixby as James J. Jamison III.

Where was the majority of Clambake filmed?

Although Clambake is set in Florida, most of the filming took place in California. Only some second-unit stock footage was shot in Florida.

What are some notable songs on the Clambake soundtrack?

The Clambake soundtrack features several catchy and upbeat songs, including “Clambake”, “Who Needs Money”, “A House That Has Everything”, and “Hey, Hey, Hey”.

Did Clambake perform well at the box office?

Clambake reached number 15 on the national weekly box-office charts and performed moderately well at the box office.

Did Elvis face any challenges during the production of Clambake?

Yes, Elvis had gained weight prior to filming and had to lose the extra pounds. Additionally, he suffered a concussion before shooting began when he slipped and hit his head in his bathroom.

Are there any notable guest appearances in Clambake?

Yes, Teri Garr appears as one of the dancers, Corbin Bernsen can be spotted among the kids in a scene, Lisa Slagle plays the little girl afraid to go down a playground slide, and Lee Majors makes an appearance as a mustachioed waiter.

What is the overall legacy of Clambake in Elvis Presley’s filmography?

Clambake is often considered one of Elvis Presley’s more forgettable films. While it may not be his best work, it showcases his on-screen charisma and musical talents.

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