Cast of the Movie Australia: Epic Adventure’s Ensemble

The movie Australia, an epic adventure filled with excitement and thrills, features a talented ensemble cast. Starring in the film are actors Vernon Wells, Tony Bonner, Emily Coupe, and Krista Vendy. The film also includes Callan McAuliffe, who is currently in talks to join the cast. The director and co-writer, Tom Konkle, expressed excitement about showcasing generations of Aussie talent and the opportunity to reunite actors such as Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving, Rob Collins, and Mel Gibson with their Mad Max 2 co-star Vernon Wells.

cast of the movie australia

Key Takeaways:

  • The movie Australia features a talented ensemble cast including Vernon Wells, Tony Bonner, Emily Coupe, and Krista Vendy.
  • Callan McAuliffe is in talks to join the cast of Australia.
  • Director Tom Konkle is excited about showcasing Aussie talent and reuniting actors from Mad Max 2.

Ambitious Sci-Fi Film Island In The Stars Brings Together Australian Talent

Island In The Stars is an exciting new sci-fi film that brings together a talented cast of Australian actors. Produced by Lumen Actus, Molly Mooch Productions, and Lady Of The Light Productions, this ambitious project is helmed by writer/director Tom Konkle, known for his previous work in the industry.

The cast of Island In The Stars includes renowned actors such as Vernon Wells, Lucinda Bruce, and Tony Bonner. These talented individuals bring their unique skills and experiences to the project, promising to captivate audiences with their performances. In addition, co-writer Michael J Smith contributes his storytelling prowess, adding depth and complexity to the script.

“Island In The Stars will take audiences on a thrilling journey across space,” says Konkle. “The film explores the human spirit and our relentless pursuit of adventure and discovery. It’s truly a collaborative effort, with each actor bringing their own magic to the screen.”

Island In The Stars is set in a futuristic world where a young woman embarks on a dangerous journey across space after a space pirate crashes near her home, carrying a star map. With stunning visuals and a captivating storyline, this sci-fi film promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience for audiences around the world.

Cast of Island In The Stars

Vernon WellsCharacter Name
Lucinda BruceCharacter Name
Tony BonnerCharacter Name

Eric Bana Leads the Way in Force of Nature: The Dry 2

In the highly anticipated crime thriller sequel, Force of Nature: The Dry 2, Eric Bana takes on the lead role as federal agent Aaron Falk. Joined by a talented ensemble cast, including Anna Torv and Deborra-lee Furness, Bana delivers a captivating performance that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The story follows Aaron Falk and Carmen Cooper (played by Anna Torv) as they venture into the Victorian mountain range to investigate the mysterious disappearance of whistle-blowing informant Alice Russell. As the plot unfolds, secrets are revealed, and the stakes become higher, creating a suspenseful and thrilling cinematic experience.

Force of Nature: The Dry 2 showcases the exceptional acting skills of its cast, with each member bringing depth and complexity to their respective characters. The chemistry between Bana, Torv, and Furness is palpable, adding an extra layer of tension and intrigue to the narrative.

Eric Bana’s portrayal of Aaron Falk is powerful and nuanced, capturing the character’s determination and unwavering commitment to uncover the truth. Anna Torv delivers a compelling performance as Carmen Cooper, a strong and resilient investigator who proves to be a valuable ally to Falk. Meanwhile, Deborra-lee Furness shines in her role, bringing a sense of gravitas and emotional depth to the film.

With its gripping storyline, stellar cast, and expertly crafted suspense, Force of Nature: The Dry 2 promises to be a must-see film for fans of crime thrillers and Eric Bana enthusiasts alike. Prepare to be captivated by the intensity of the performances and the gripping twists and turns of the plot.

The Cast of Force of Nature: The Dry 2

Eric BanaAaron Falk
Anna TorvCarmen Cooper
Deborra-lee FurnessUnknown
Robin McLeavyUnknown
Sisi StringerUnknown
Lucy AnsellUnknown
Jacqueline McKenzieUnknown
Jeremy Lindsay-TaylorUnknown
Richard RoxburghUnknown
Tony BriggsUnknown
Kenneth RadleyUnknown

Richard Roxburgh Shines in Prosper, Exploring Power and Privilege

Prosper is a captivating mega-church drama series that takes viewers on a journey through the complex world of power and privilege. Led by the brilliant Richard Roxburgh in the role of Cal Quinn, the founder and global pastor of a fast-growing megachurch, Prosper delves into the inner workings of the charismatic and enigmatic Quinn family.

Joining Roxburgh in this stellar cast is the talented Rebecca Gibney, who portrays Abi Quinn, Cal’s devoted wife. Together, they navigate the intricate dynamics of the megachurch world, where appearances can be deceiving and secrets lurk beneath the surface.

“Prosper is an exploration of the human desire for success and the lengths some will go to obtain it. It’s a character-driven series that delves into the complexities of faith, ambition, and the consequences of unchecked power,” says Roxburgh, who brings his magnetic presence to the screen in every scene.

The Cast of Prosper

The diverse and talented ensemble cast of Prosper includes Ewen Leslie, Ming-Zhu Hii, Jacob Collins-Levy, Hayley McCarthy, Jordi Webber, Jacek Koman, Andrea Solonge, Brigid Zengeni, Alex Fitzalan, and Alexander D’Souza. Each actor brings a unique perspective and skill set to their respective characters, contributing to the rich tapestry of storytelling woven throughout the series.

Cast MemberCharacter
Ewen LeslieRyan Quinn
Ming-Zhu HiiAnna Lee
Jacob Collins-LevyJosh Quinn
Hayley McCarthyGrace Quinn
Jordi WebberSam Quinn
Jacek KomanVictor Petrov
Andrea SolongeLena Petrov
Brigid ZengeniRachel Mabunda
Alex FitzalanJohnny Thompson
Alexander D’SouzaMarkus Patel

With its thought-provoking narrative and stellar cast, Prosper offers a compelling exploration of the complexities and consequences that come with the pursuit of power and success within the world of a megachurch.

Prosper Cast Richard Roxburgh and Rebecca Gibney

Luke Sparke Directs Modern Take on Charles Dickens in Shadow Chasers

Shadow Chasers brings the timeless works of Charles Dickens to the modern era through the visionary direction of Luke Sparke. This epic adventure film takes audiences on a thrilling journey through Old London, as Oliver Twist and a young Charles Dickens himself team up with iconic characters like Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley to save the city from destruction.

The cast of Shadow Chasers is led by Luke Sparke, who not only directs the film but also lends his talent to one of the pivotal roles. Joining him in this exciting project are acclaimed actors Anna Torv, Deborra-lee Furness, and Robin McLeavy, among others. Their performances breathe new life into these beloved characters, adding a fresh and modern perspective to Dickens’ timeless tales.

The modern take on Charles Dickens’ works in Shadow Chasers provides a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation. Director Luke Sparke’s vision and the exceptional performances by the talented cast promise an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Shadow Chasers transports viewers to a world where Dickensian charm meets contemporary storytelling techniques. With stunning visuals, compelling performances, and a captivating narrative, this film pays homage to the genius of Charles Dickens while captivating audiences with its own originality and creativity.

Luke SparkeOliver Twist
Anna TorvYoung Charles Dickens
Deborra-lee FurnessEbenezer Scrooge
Robin McLeavyJacob Marley

Shadow Chasers combines the best of two worlds, merging classic literature with modern filmmaking techniques. As Luke Sparke brings his unique vision to the screen, audiences can look forward to an immersive and exhilarating cinematic experience that pays tribute to the timeless works of Charles Dickens.

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Meet the Cast of Van Helsing, Including Richard Roxburgh as Dracula

Van Helsing, an action horror movie directed by Stephen Sommers, features a talented ensemble cast. At the forefront is Richard Roxburgh, who portrays the iconic role of Dracula. This thrilling film follows the adventures of Van Helsing, brought to life by Hugh Jackman, as he hunts down monsters such as Mr. Hyde, vampires, and werewolves. The cast also includes Anna Torv, David Wenham, Shuler Hensley, Elena Anaya, and Kate Beckinsale, adding depth and intrigue to the story.

Van Helsing Cast

Richard Roxburgh’s portrayal of Dracula showcases his remarkable talent and versatility as an actor. He brings a captivating presence and depth to the role, captivating audiences with his portrayal of this iconic character. Roxburgh’s performance adds a layer of intensity and charisma to the film, setting the stage for a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

The ensemble cast of Van Helsing truly shines, each member bringing their unique skills and charisma to their respective roles. Anna Torv, known for her role in the hit TV series “Fringe,” delivers a captivating performance as she joins the fight against evil. David Wenham, Shuler Hensley, Elena Anaya, and Kate Beckinsale further enhance the film with their exceptional acting abilities, making Van Helsing a true cinematic experience.

With its talented cast and gripping storyline, Van Helsing is a must-watch for fans of action and horror genres. Richard Roxburgh’s portrayal of Dracula, alongside the incredible performances of the entire cast, creates a world filled with dark and thrilling adventures that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Get to Know the Cast of The Lincoln Lawyer, Led by Eric Bana

The Lincoln Lawyer is a gripping crime thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Leading the cast is the talented Eric Bana, who delivers a riveting performance as federal agent Aaron Falk. Bana’s portrayal brings depth and intensity to the character, capturing the essence of Falk’s determination to solve a murder mystery.

“Eric Bana’s portrayal of Aaron Falk in The Lincoln Lawyer is truly remarkable. He brings a perfect balance of charisma and intensity, making the character captivating to watch. Bana’s ability to immerse himself into the role shines through, and he effortlessly commands the screen,” said director Tom Konkle.

Joining Bana in the cast are a talented ensemble of actors, including Anna Torv, Deborra-lee Furness, Robin McLeavy, Sisi Stringer, Lucy Ansell, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor, Richard Roxburgh, Tony Briggs, and Kenneth Radley. Each actor brings their unique style and expertise to their respective roles, creating a dynamic and compelling on-screen presence.

The Lincoln Lawyer Cast

Cast MemberCharacter
Eric BanaAaron Falk
Anna TorvJanet McKenzie
Deborra-lee FurnessJulie Walters
Robin McLeavyAlice Hytner
Sisi StringerLucy McConnell
Lucy AnsellMaggie Gunn
Jacqueline McKenzieHelen Falk
Jeremy Lindsay-TaylorJoe O’Loughlin
Richard RoxburghChief Inspector Raco
Tony BriggsKevin Faulkner
Kenneth RadleyStan Fallon

The Lincoln Lawyer is a must-watch for fans of gripping crime dramas and stellar performances. With Eric Bana leading a talented cast, the movie offers an thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Explore the Diverse Cast of Elvis, Directed by Baz Luhrmann

The upcoming Baz Luhrmann film, Elvis, boasts a diverse cast portraying real-life icons from the era of The King. The cast includes Austin Butler as Elvis Presley, Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker, Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley, Yola as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rufus Sewell as Vernon Presley, Helen Thomson as Gladys Presley, and Richard Roxburgh as Sam Phillips.

With Baz Luhrmann’s unparalleled vision and attention to detail, Elvis promises to transport audiences back in time to the electrifying world of rock ‘n’ roll. The casting choices reflect Luhrmann’s commitment to capturing the essence of these legendary figures and their impact on music history.

The talented cast of Elvis brings together a combination of established stars and rising talents, ensuring a captivating and authentic portrayal of these iconic individuals. From Austin Butler’s mesmerizing embodiment of Elvis Presley to Richard Roxburgh’s portrayal of the influential music producer Sam Phillips, each actor brings depth and nuance to their respective roles.

Luhrmann’s direction, combined with the exceptional performances of the cast, sets the stage for a riveting cinematic experience. As the film delves into the life and career of Elvis Presley, viewers can expect to be transported to a bygone era, immersed in the sights, sounds, and emotions that defined a generation.


Austin ButlerElvis Presley
Tom HanksColonel Tom Parker
Olivia DeJongePriscilla Presley
YolaSister Rosetta Tharpe
Rufus SewellVernon Presley
Helen ThomsonGladys Presley
Richard RoxburghSam Phillips

Discover the Characters in Roadshow Films’ Crime Thriller The Dry

The Dry, released by Roadshow Films, is a gripping crime thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The film features an exceptional ensemble cast, led by the talented Eric Bana in the lead role of Aaron Falk. As we delve into the characters of The Dry, we see a diverse range of personalities and motivations that add depth and complexity to the story.

Anna Torv delivers a powerful performance as Carmen Cooper, a local police officer who becomes entangled in the murder investigation that unfolds in Aaron Falk’s hometown. Her determination and tenacity bring a sense of authenticity to the character, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Deborra-lee Furness takes on the role of Gretchen, a woman with a mysterious past who holds key information about the murder. Furness’ portrayal is captivating, as she masterfully brings Gretchen’s enigmatic nature to life, leaving audiences questioning her true intentions.

“The Dry is a riveting thriller that showcases the immense talent of its cast. Eric Bana delivers a compelling and nuanced performance as Aaron Falk, bringing depth and complexity to the character. The chemistry between the cast members is palpable, further enhancing the tension and suspense of the film.” – Film Critic Review

The remaining cast members, including Robin McLeavy, Sisi Stringer, Lucy Ansell, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor, Richard Roxburgh, Tony Briggs, and Kenneth Radley, all contribute to the rich tapestry of The Dry’s narrative. Each brings their unique strengths and talents to the table, adding layers of intrigue and suspense to the story.

Table: Main Characters in The Dry

Aaron FalkEric Bana
Carmen CooperAnna Torv
GretchenDeborra-lee Furness
[Other Character][Actor/Actress]
[Other Character][Actor/Actress]

The Dry is a captivating crime thriller that showcases the incredible talent of its cast. With powerful performances by Eric Bana, Anna Torv, Deborra-lee Furness, and the rest of the ensemble, the film keeps audiences engaged until its thrilling conclusion.

The Dry cast

Ranking the Best Dracula Adaptations, Including Richard Roxburgh’s Portrayal

Dracula, the iconic vampire, has been brought to life in numerous adaptations throughout the years. One actor who has left a lasting impression with his portrayal of the legendary character is Richard Roxburgh. From his performance in the thrilling film Van Helsing to his appearances in other Dracula films and TV shows, Roxburgh has proven his versatility and talent in capturing the essence of the Count.

Dracula adaptations have always captivated audiences with their dark and mysterious atmosphere. Richard Roxburgh’s portrayal stands among the best in the genre, as he effortlessly embodies the seductive and menacing nature of the infamous vampire. His ability to command the screen with his presence and bring depth to the character has earned him praise from critics and fans alike.

Whether it’s his chilling performance in Van Helsing or his captivating presence in other Dracula adaptations, Richard Roxburgh has proven time and again why he is a force to be reckoned with. His dedication to embodying the complexities of the character is evident in every scene he graces, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

As audiences continue to be enthralled by the timeless tale of Dracula, Richard Roxburgh’s portrayal remains a standout representation of the iconic vampire. His performances add a new layer of depth and intrigue to the character, ensuring that Dracula will continue to be a captivating figure in the world of cinema.


Who is in the cast of the movie Australia?

The cast of Australia includes actors Vernon Wells, Tony Bonner, Emily Coupe, Krista Vendy, and Callan McAuliffe is in talks to join the cast.

What production companies are involved in Island In The Stars?

Island In The Stars is produced by Lumen Actus, Molly Mooch Productions, and Lady Of The Light Productions.

Who is the director of Shadow Chasers?

Luke Sparke is the director of Shadow Chasers.

What role does Richard Roxburgh play in Van Helsing?

Richard Roxburgh portrays the role of Dracula in Van Helsing.

Who is the lead actor in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Eric Bana is the lead actor in The Lincoln Lawyer.

What is the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film called?

The upcoming Baz Luhrmann film is called Elvis.

Who is the lead actor in The Dry?

Eric Bana is the lead actor in The Dry.

Which actor has portrayed Dracula in various adaptations?

Richard Roxburgh has portrayed Dracula in various adaptations.

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