Will Mobile Visitors Still Engage with Your Site Content?

The number of people accessing the internet using smartphones, tablets and other types of mobile device is higher compared to those doing the same via desktop computers.

Which brings up some challenges!

Laptops and desktop computers have bigger screens compared to those of mobile devices – which more people are using to visit blogs and websites, including yours.

If your site is not well optimized for the screen sizes of smaller devices and the limitations that come with surfing the net using these devices, you are missing out on user engagement.

Time for some tweaks.

Test your website in different screen sizes, resolutions, devices and desktop & mobile web browsers

Use online tools like Screenfly, WhatIsMyScreenResolution and BrowserStack to do this.

They’ll show you how your site (blog posts and pages) appear on different browsers, desktops, televisions, phones and tablets.

Enter your site’s URL in these tools and hit ENTER to proceed.

  • Do you like what you see?
  • Can you easily access the site’s menu and navigation?
  • Can you easily read the text and view the images?
  • Can you input data in the various fields – for example in quizzes, contact forms, landing pages and email opt-in forms smoothly?
  • Can you also get feedback from your site visitors and your analytics account?

If what you have currently is not working well, it’s time for some changes.

Switch to a premium responsive theme (with good spacing and a more readable and visually appealing font type and size) for your site. Get themes from Thrive Themes, Studio Press or MyThemeShop.

Once you have made these changes gather data (from your analytics) and feedback (from your readers) to see whether the new tweaks are helping your mobile visitors engage more with your site.

This is your first step, besides publishing compelling content presented in a way that appeals to the visual senses, to test if you: get more pageviews, get more comments, get more people to act on your calls to action, get more of your visitors to consume the content you present in your site in a variety of formats…

Create an app for your site

Increase user engagement from your mobile visitors by having an app created for your site.

There are many websites offering this service – like AppPresser, BuildFire, Appy Pie, AppMakr or by hiring a freelance developer on UpWork, Envato, Codecanyon or PeoplePerHour.

You can pay them to create a mobile app version of your site for visitors using Android, iOS, Tizen and Windows platforms. They can then download and install your app on their devices and use it to access the content you publish.

You can get an app built for your WordPress site, WooCommerce online store, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, vBulletin, Joomla, Drupal and many other popular Content Management Systems out there.

If you’d just rather make your WordPress website mobile-friendly, use the free or pro version of a plugin such as WP Touch – a quick and easy solution to make your site Google mobile friendly.

Use lots of interactive content on your site to drive engagement metrics up

Publish lots of great quizzes and polls on your site and promote them well.

Reel in desktop and mobile visitors regularly by publishing quiz posts.

They are a great way to get site visitors to spend more time on a page, share their quiz results on social media and reel in their followers and friends back to your site as well.

Study sites like BuzzFeed and PlayBuzz to see how they use quizzes, in combination with listicles, to engage their readers – majority of whom access their sites via mobile devices.

Also, find sites in your niche and learn how they’re taking advantage of interactive content.

Replicate the good things they do.

The Future of Your Online Business and Mobile

Also use push notification apps, to notify your visitors of new content & messaging apps to create groups around your topic –keeping visitors from these platforms coming back.