Sell, Market, and Support Exceptionally with Vtiger CRM

No matter what type of business or service you offer in the world today, effective communication and data management are two of the most vital components of success. This is especially true when running an online business where you have thousands of site visitors, subscribers, prospects, and customers coming at your from all different angles. With so many different moving components happening at any given time, this is where successful companies stand out from the crowd — by simply having a solid marketing and management platform in place.

Vtiger CRM is a powerful solution of tools that allows businesses of all sizes to create engaging experiences along your entire customer journey. This means not only allowing the business to know all aspects of their customers and what’s happening within their business but also learning from the process and how to better sell, market and offer support along the way.

How Vtiger CRM Can Help Your Business

Your business is only as good as the service and solution it provides to its audience. Even if you are selling a simple product, without the backend technology to know and understand your customers, your business may still ultimately fail if it doesn’t have the tools and solutions in place to compete with growing competition around you. Vtiger CRM gives business owners that ability by “connecting the dots along your entire customer journey.”

When you think about the word “customer”, it’s usually in reference to someone purchasing a product or service. However, when you are looking at it from a CRM (customer relationship management) platform, it’s actually much more than that. For example, if you have a website that sells products and services, but also has advertising options, you would be dealing with a wide range of clients and customers coming into your business. This is where a CRM can really come into play and offer value to your business.

Vtiger was built to not only cater to the needs of businesses with typical ‘customers’ but also those who are much larger and diverse in size as well. Through the use of the many built-in features within Vtiger, business owners can now have more control over their business, customers and marketing data. For example, take a look at their sales tool, the help desk solution, or the integrated combination of the two. All of these features were built with the business owner in mind. We will dive into each of these below.

The Vtiger Dashboard Area

As with all great marketing and management solution, a great dashboard area is key. When first logging into the system, you may find that there are many different options to choose from, however, after playing around for a few minutes you should get a grasp on everything. There is a lot of information provided right within the dashboard area, simply because there is a lot of tracking, management, and processing going on.

The good news is that Vtiger has a virtual tour set up right when you log into the platform, which quickly and easily explains what each of these different areas and key features are. Should you forget where or what something might be, the virtual tour is accessible whenever you feel it might be necessary for a quick refresher.


After you familiarize yourself with the main dashboard area, you will quickly realize the full functionality and featured built within it. For example, the “notifications” overlay on the right side of the screen makes it easy to see all of the recent changes within your account and any specific actions that might need to be taken care of. You can simply open and close this notifications area at any time by clicking on the bell icon in the top right menu area.

Other options within the dashboard area include viewing the history of activity, opportunities by stage, revenue by sales person, upcoming activities, key metrics, opportunities in your sales pipeline, your sales funnel, your top opportunities and more. In addition to viewing such reports, you can also create custom charts to summarize new data points. Again, should you need help at any point during this process, the virtual tour is always there, along with live customer chat support.

Tools, Features, and Functions within Vtiger

As you can imagine, with so many tools and features in place, it will take some time to master everything Vtiger has to offer. However, this should also be expected, as it’s not just a simple piece of software, it’s an advanced CRM that can virtually help any business grow to that next level through the power of data management and marketing.

To get a better understanding of the many tools and features built within Vtiger, all you need to do is take a look at the screenshot above. After clicking on the “menu” button in the top-left corner, you will when see an extended pull-down menu that includes many of the essentials to managing your Vtiger account and business. Such tools and tracking features include your email inbox and calendar, as well as six broad-sweeping categories of tools: marketing, support, projects, sales, inventory, and tools.

It’s also important to note that nearly all of these tools are setup to connect and work with each other as well. While many other CRMs and platforms might offer similar tools, it’s unlikely you will find one where the data is constantly moving and updating across the many features and tools in the same platform.

Vtiger was created to make the process of customer and data management easy and effective. Through the platform business owners can create automated workflows that respond to emails and form submissions, while also sending responses to customers and logging their replies in the relationship history. In addition to engagement and communications, customer invoices and billing features are available through Vtiger as well.

Building and Emailing Your List

One of the most important components of any business is the actual customer data and how you can continually keep in contact with them to increase recurring revenue. While the concept of an email list is nothing new, Vtiger offers the ability to grab contact data automatically from just about anywhere you might already be collecting user data.

With all of this data being accessible, sending an email campaign to your contacts is a simple 3-step process. The first thing you will need to do is create an audience by filtering your data contact records. This can be done through Vtiger’s drag-and-drop builder, which will allow you to build and design the email in which you would send out. Additional fields can also be added, such as name or location. The last step in this process is to schedule the mailing and then view campaign reports to view your email performance and deliverability.

Selling through Vtiger with “Opportunities”

Customer management and communications are more than just knowing where your sales and revenue is coming from, it’s also about creating new opportunities for growth and revenue as well. This is something Vtiger has built into their system as well, in the “Opportunities” section of the platform.

Through the use of a Kanban board, businesses have the ability to better connect with team members and look at the existing relationships and projects within a business at any given time. The goal here is to move the various ‘cards’ from the left side to the right side as the progression moves forward. This also makes it easy for management teams to see when and where things are progressing at all times. The option is also there to click on any of the individual’s cards to bring up more individualized information for each individual, campaign or task.

Collaboration and Partnership within Vtiger

With so many tools and features built within Vtiger, it’s tough to cover all of them in one simple review. The best way to experience everything they have to offer is to simply join their platform and try and it out for free.

Below you will find a breakdown on the many different pricing tiers offered by Vtiger. The plans are broken down based on the needs of your business and the type of tools, data and CRM usage you are looking for.

No matter what type of business, brand or marketing you might currently be working on, Vtiger has the tools and features to help your business grow and better manage its data than ever before. Best of all, they also have membership plans that work for businesses and brands of all sizes.

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