Should You Quit From The Job You Love If You Don’t Like Your Boss?

If you have a boss that you hate, your working life will surely become miserable. So, what do you need to do? This is the common question of most employee who suffers from having a bad boss. Some of the study shows that most of the reason why people quit from their job is because they have a bad boss. Whether it is true or not, there is no doubt that the boss you hate will make you work in misery.

What do you need to do if you can no longer work with your boss? Maybe, there are just some breakdowns of trust or miscommunication regarding respect. There are some events where you will feel that your work makes you feel frustrated or unhappy. How do you find your boss? Does everyone find it hard to deal with your boss? Checkout first if all people in your company also ask such kind of questions. If it is, then you have some common grounds to work with. In case you are the only one who finds it difficult to work with your boss, there is a need for you to examine yourself and as well as your relationship.

To find out the answer, you need to figure out the reasons why you cannot work well with your boss. Maybe, there are some assumptions that you need to consider. If you are strong enough to face your boss, then set a minute of talk from your boss and discuss the issues that you found out. That way, you can help yourself to explore and have a better relationship with your boss. However, if you cannot make it alone, you can ask some of your co-workers to meet your boss. You need to clear all things that your boss wants to achieve from you. Even if you disagree with him/her, try to agree to the key objectives of your jobs. Therefore, you should agree on some actions that each of you will make just to have a good relationship. 

You can also try to understand your boss’ motivation an objectives. Even if you don’t like your boss because of some issues, you still need to find out what your boss keens to achieve and works towards his/her goal. If your boss set some new rules in your work, help your boss instead to make it successful and see how you can credit from it. However, if you really cannot deal with it anymore together with your co-workmates, then it’s time for you to proceed in your HR department to make your boss move on or quit. However, keep in mind that life is too short and so, why do you need to spend the rest of your life miserable? If you know you have the chance to get a better job, why do you need to stick around? Moreover, there are lots of bosses who want diligent and enthusiastic people who are willing to work for them and which are very easy to deal with.

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