The Rise of Online Video Marketing and Why Big Brands Need It

If you’ve got a smartphone, the chances of you being able to watch even one video a day would be high. Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and many other applications employ the use of video, so companies have resorted to using videos as a good platform for marketing.

This marketing trend isn’t really a new one, however its popularity has grown so much over the recent years due to the accessibility of videos through the use of smartphones

The infographic below shows some amazing facts and statistics about online videos and video marketing. It also presents tips to help you successfully start your online video marketing strategy.

The Rise of Video Marketing Summary:

Video content has played a major role in 2016 with billions of views every single day on video platforms on Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon. The figures down below show the rise in popularity of videos. (source: Infographic Design Team)

  • 50% – of all mobile traffic caused by online videos
  • 55% – people who watch videos every day
  • 64% – accounted internet traffic caused by online videos in 2016
  • 69% – accounted internet traffic that will be caused by online videos in 2017
  • 79% – accounted internet traffic that will be caused by online videos in 2018
  • 78% – people who watch online videos every week
  • 85% – people using video marketing and found it successful
  • 52% – marketers who believe that video marketing is effective for brand awareness
  • 81% – people featuring videos on their brand websites
  • 70% – marketers who believe video produces more conversions than any other content
  • 41% – more web traffic from search than non-video users
  • 4.8% – average conversion rate for websites using video
  • 1200% – more shares than text and images combined
  • 4x as many consumers would watch a product video than read about it

With the statistics shown above, it shows that videos have a significant impact and contribute to a change in lifestyle and mindset in people. The growing internet community has integrated online videos in their daily lives ergo making video marketing a good strategy for promoting business. Here are 9 things you can take note of to start up your online marketing gameplan:

  1. Set your budget and expectations straight because resource management is important.
  2. Develop an appealing story for your video by brainstorming ideas that can send the right message to your viewers.
  3. Stick to a schedule and eventually viewers will integrate it to their routine.
  4. Promote your snapchat storie>s every time you post them and use your full resources to let your audience know.
  5. Use video on your landing pages because this increases landing page conversions by 80% or more.
  6. Ideal video length is 60 seconds because engagement drops the longer your video gets.
  7. Facebook video generates higher engagement because it’s emotionally engaging and thus creates more response on Facebook than other content.
  8. Optimize your video for search engines by…
    • a. creating an SEO strategy
    • b. adding relevant tags
    • c. using focus keywords at least once in the title and description
    • d. Providing additional links in the video description box
  9. Post the video in multiple places because most video platforms offer both free uploads and paid advertising

By following all of these steps above, you are sure to be able to start up your online marketing video campaign without a hitch!