Overflow Cafe Wants to Make Your Website and SEO Popular

If you want to build a successful internet business, website, or blog, you need to rank in the search results. Not only will ranking in the search results provide you with tons of free organic traffic from Google, it will also send the highest quality of traffic to your website and. When someone goes to Google and search it for something, they are authentic in what they are looking for and more often than not they are ready to take action — which is often to purchase something or provide their personal information to complete a transaction.

With all of this in mind, there are more than a billion active websites on the internet today. This means it will be extremely tough for your site to rank in the search results as it currently is. It’s unlikely that you will rank for any generic terms right away, as you will be facing up against some of the most heavily funded and establish sites in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you should be shying away from focusing your efforts on SEO.

Today we are going to be looking at Overflow Cafe, an SEO focused online marketing platform to help websites rank higher in the search results. Not only will we be looking at how their service helps sites rank higher, we will also be covering the basics of what it takes to rank in Google today as well.

How to Make Your Site More Popular with Overflow Cafe

If you want your website to rank at the top of Google, you need to provide better value to your audience than the competition. In more cases than not, anyone that’s ranking on the first page of Google has really great content on their site. If you’re trying to rank for a term in Google, it would be best to look at who is already ranking and see what type of content they’re already purple promoting. The end goal here should be to try and create something even better than what’s currently out there.

Backlinko lists the following factors to effectively rank in Google today.

  • Number of backlinks and linking domains (18%)
  • Link authority (14%)
  • Link anchor text and its diversity (9%)
  • Content relevance (19%)
  • Content length (3%)
  • Click-through rate (11%)
  • Social signals (7%)
  • Mobile friendliness (12%)

Focusing on these areas will make the process of ranking in Google and ranking higher much easier. The more people find value in your site and the more legitimate it seems to your audience, the easier it will be for you to gain backlinks from authority websites. A perfect example of this would be any of the top coupon sites on the internet today. Shoppers around the world are continually referencing these websites on free stuff sites, coupon forums and social media, because they know they provide real value to their audience.

These are all key components of ranking a site higher in the search results, and something Overflow Cafe looks for in all of the sites that they promote. Not only can their service effectively promote your website or blog, they will actively create content and backlinks for your site to help it rank in the process. Thus helping it rank higher in Google.

Using the All-in-One SEO Solution Dashboard

When it comes to the ranking of a website and the keywords it’s trying to rank for, the associated costs for this can be in the hundreds of dollars per month to thousands. However, Overflow Cafe comes with at a monthly flat fee of just $29. No matter what type of site or existing traffic you have, the rate to access their platform is the same.

Once you are logged into your account you can get an overview of your site and how it’s been performing over the past 24 hours. You’ll also be able keep an eye on the competitive within your niche and see where they are ranking. Remember, this is extremely important for not only competition analysis, but also creating content for your site and knowing where, why, and how it’s ranking.

In the screenshot below you will see there are currently over 5,000 back link to the site being promoted through Overflow Cafe. While it’s great to have backlinks going to your site, it’s important to not simply build a bunch and then stop. This would be a clear giveaway to Google that you are simply link building and that the links are not natural. This is something Overflow Cafe works with their clients on as well. Also notice the bottom rank tracker that will show the performance and currently placement of your site and it’s associated keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

To better understand the marketing efforts and SEO approach from Overflow Cafe, we can simply refer to it one of the statements on their site which can be found below.

“When you sign up with us, we start by scanning through your website in detail to pick up all your keywords and checking for errors. Our expert SEO team will create an effective plan tailored to your website which is then fine tuned monthly. We will move forward with simple, step by step tasks with realistic goals.”

It’s this type of analyzation of each website and client they have that makes their SEO marketing efforts more effective for each customer. At the same time, it’s also important to continually log into the platform and check on the status of your site and its search ranking movements.

Overflow Cafe Affiliate Program

In addition to ranking in the search results, Overflow Cafe also has an affiliate program which allows clients and site partners to earn a commission on all referrals to their site. This is not only lucrative for OFC clients to promote, but also anyone that’s experienced the benefits of SEO and using the Overflow Cafe platform — while it also being a service that is in demand from nearly all online businesses and brands.

The current commission level is 50%, which is paid out on a recurring basis. This means for every customer you refer and stays active for a full year, you would earn roughly $15 per month just for that one referral. If you were to get 10 active sign-ups, you are looking at an easy $150 per month in commissions, month after month.

Commissions are paid out to affiliates on the 10th of each month and are issued through PayPal. Paper checks are also available upon requested. Once logged into your affiliate account you can grab your affiliate links, banners, and add copy to start promoting Overflow Cafe.

The Benefits of SEO and Affiliate Marketing with Cafe Overflow

The world of SEO is always changing. The one thing that isn’t changing, is how often people go to Google and search for keywords on a daily basis. If your site isn’t ranking in Google, you are missing out on thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

Through the use of Overflow Cafe, your site and content can start ranking higher in the search results and converting new audiences into customers on a daily basis.

Also don’t forget the added benefit of promoting Overflow Cafe as an affiliate.

To get started, simply click here to create an account with Overflow Cafe as either a customer or an affiliate and start putting their platform to work for you today.