How to Make Money Promoting mSpy Monitoring Software

When it comes to making money online, you have plenty of options to choose from. One of the best methods out there is through the use of affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is quite simple — refer a new customer or lead to a business, then receive a commission.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the mSpy Affiliate Program and how they are helping site owners, brands and affiliates earn money online by promoting their monitoring service and platform — which is something more individuals, parents, businesses, and brands are looking at more than ever.

What Is mSpy and How Does it Work?

Before promoting any type of offer or jumping into any type of business with another company, it would be best to understand what it is you are selling to your audience. In the case of mSpy, it’s all about monitoring activity across mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

When considering your options for the best online monitoring software or applications, mSpy has quickly become the leader in this space as they offer the technology to remotely track and control activity across a widerange of platforms and devices. A perfect example of how mSpy can be used by parents is for them to simply track what their kids are doing on their mobile devices, while also keeping an eye on their location in the process.

It’s not uncommon for businesses and brands to use mSpy for improving employee engagement and productivity tracking as well. Such monitoring includes the ability to track everything from phone calls to sent and received text messages, as well as emails, GPS location history, web browser history, calendar activities, WhatsApp and iMessage instant messages, social network activity and more. Other advanced features include the ability to wipe or lock devices remotely, while also seeing what Wi-Fi networks are being used most often.

In short, it’s an extremely powerful monitoring and tracking tool that works with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS devices.

When it comes to the pricing of the application and service, rates will vary based on the individual or businesses’ needs. Annual payment plans are also available to save the most money.

How to Make Money with mSpy as an Affiliate

Getting back on point, mSpy also offers an amazing opportunity to start making money with their service, as they have a very generous and advanced affiliate program in place. Not only that, but it’s also a product and service that applies to nearly everyone. Who isn’t concerned with online privacy these days?

Affiliates of mSpy are paid a commission every time a new customer signs up for their monitoring service. The commission amount paid out will vary based on the number of sales driven per month, in addition to the payment plan the referred customer decides to go with. You can see each of the three payment structures in the graphic above, while also documented below.

  • Bronze (Up to 98 sales): Earn 40% commissions on new sales and 20% on rebills.
  • Silver (99-299 sales): Earn 50% commissions on new sales and 25% on rebills.
  • Gold (Over 300 sales): Earn 60% commissions on new sales and 30% on rebills.

One of the more exciting areas of this mSpy affiliate program, is that in addition to their high commission payout on new sales, affiliates will also generate a commission on recurring orders as well. It’s also noted that the average check is $82.70 and you can get as much as $192 with your initial commission per single conversion. Any affiliates or marketers who are looking to promote mSpy for the long run could end up with a nice recurring income month after month. The concept of affiliate marketing is quite simple, and so are the marketing methods as well. To learn more about the basics of affiliate marketing, look no further than online guides and free resource videos that can be found within Google and YouTube, or even on Udemy.

There is also a 120-day sales tracking cookie in place, which means if someone visits mSpy through your affiliate link and doesn’t buy on their first visit, you would likely earn that commission if they came back within the next 120 days.

To learn more about the mSpy affiliate program and what’s working best for affiliates today, be sure to check out this affiliate marketing interview with Simon Washington, the affiliate manager over at mSpy.

Affiliate Bonuses for New and Top Performers

Even with affiliate marketing being one of the best ways to make money online, it’s always great to see when affiliate programs go out of their way to further incentivize bigger and better results. That is exactly what you will find with mSpy, as they currently have a bonus structure in place for affiliates that can drive 10+ sales within their first month, or should they refer an affiliate to who generates at least $1,000 in commissions for themselves.

In addition to the bonuses laid out above, mSpy also offers an affiliate referral program, where affiliates can refer other affiliates to the network. For each referred affiliate that generates a sale, you would earn a 10% commission of the profits generated from your referral. Should you have an affiliate marketing blog or mailing list, this could be another great source of revenue over time if you can refer some active affiliates.

Using mSpy Affiliate Promotional Tools

As with any good affiliate program, it’s expected to find some great promotional materials as well. Once again, that’s exactly what you will find after you login to the mSpy affiliate dashboard (which is run through HasOffers). There are currently over 250 different banner creatives and landing pages to choose from. Custom landing pages or ad copy can also be created based on the needs of top affiliates.

When it comes time to promote mSpy, it’s important to choose a landing page or ad copy that relates to your audience. Obviously, a landing page with children or parents would convert much better with an audience looking to protect and monitor their family, versus trying to sell the service to a business or brand. As an affiliate, all of these landing pages and in place and available right after your account is approved.

mSpy Affiliate Program Earnings Potential?

When it comes to earnings with affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit. The truth of the matter is, there is an unlimited supply of customers out there and depending on your marketing efforts and reach, your actual earnings will vary.

mSpy has the affiliate platform and marketing tools in place to give publishers everything they need to find success with this program. This includes a mobile panel application, real-time reporting, postback URLs and advanced analytics to track your campaign from all levels.

It’s also important to note that the top affiliates within the mSpy program are earning six-figures per year with the program. Payments are sent out to affiliates once a minimum threshold of $100 has been hit, and payments can be sent out via PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, EPESE or wire transfer.

If making money with online monitoring software and applications sounds like a great opportunity, be sure to fill out the affiliate sign up forma and get started today. After completing the application, an affiliate manager will follow up with you shortly on the status of your account and helping you get started.