Link Building Strategies for Your Blog

When it comes to building up traffic to your blog and increase your search engine exposure, back linking is the best method for long term results. There are many different ways you can build backlinks to your web site, but in this article we will focus on the best “free” methods. Below is a quick list of three different methods that you should be using on your blog right now. The earlier you start creating backlinks, the longer your blog will benefit from these seo methods.

Article Marketing

One of the most effective ways to get link juice flowing to your blog is through article marketing. In short, you write a few articles for huge pagerank web sites, then in exchange, you get a link back to your blog in the author section. Use the keywords you would like your blog to rank for as the backlinks. Popular article web sites you should submit to are, and

Blog Commenting

The true value in a blog is the ability to build a community and interact with other readers. When readers comment on your blog, other readers aren’t just viewing what they have to say, but also clicking on their name and visiting their web site or blog. This a very beneficial way to get real targeted traffic to your blog, and maybe even some new commenters. As powerful and effective as blog commenting can be, don’t miss out on these additional linking methods than many top sites and bloggers continually forget to use.

Guest Posting on Blogs

It’s very hard to keep blogs updated with new content. A very popular method for coming up with new content on a blog, is to introduce new guest blog writers. Being a guest post writer, you will gain a new audience, while receiving some nice link juice from the blog you are writing for.

This article covered three very simple, yet effective methods for bringing new traffic and inbound links to your web site. As an avid user of article marketing and writing, I can vouch that these are the most effective uses for backlinking and a winning strategy. For more information on link building, be sure to visit