Discover How to Intuitively Edit Videos with Movavi Video Editor

Video editing is no longer something that only professionals are interested in, as more and more people are recording videos via their smartphones or digital cameras and want to be able to edit and improve that footage. Many video editors still have a very technical slant however, and it is often challenging to learn how to use them.

The good news is that there are video editors that are more user-friendly, and the one that we’re looking at today is Movavi Video Editor. It is an editor that is strongly focused on the user experience and making it as intuitive and straightforward as possible. At the same time it also tries to provide features that are on par with more professional video editors, while simplifying them to make them accessible.

How Movavi Video Editor is Different

On the whole Movavi Video Editor stands out due to just how user-friendly and intuitive it is. Every part of the editor and its features has been carefully engineered to try to make the task of editing easier, and to ensure that it doesn’t require any prior experience or technical expertise.

One area of Movavi Video Editor that epitomizes its approach is the user interface. If you’ve used (or seen) editors in the past you’ll probably instantly recognize the conventional ‘Timeline’ view, coupled with a ‘Preview’ window above it. All the other features are organized into tabs, with some relevant features accessible via icons above the ‘Timeline’, making it clean and easy-to-navigate.

As far as the features themselves are concerned, Movavi Video Editor’s tend to be really easy to use. Most of them only require basic actions, and you can perform edits in just a few clicks, by dragging and dropping elements into place or by adjusting sliders. In a nutshell you don’t need to read a manual, and can just figure out how to use the features by experimenting with them.

Features and Capabilities

In terms of features Movavi Video Editor is has a very comprehensive selection of most of the essential tools you need to edit your videos. With its features you can process your footage and split it into parts, merge clips together, trim out any unwanted bits, and transform the frame of the video. Additionally it is possible to enhance the quality of the footage, or fix common issues such as blurry, shaky or pixelated segments.

On top of its core features Movavi Video Editor has various other tools that you can use to include audio tracks containing music or voiceovers, add captions, apply special effects or filters, edit the sound levels, and much more. While some of these effects and features may seem advanced, it ensures they can be applied without much difficulty.

All said and done if you want an editor that is easy to use while at the same time can provide you with an impressive mix of features to make your own movie, Movavi Video Editor is a good place to start. Not only will you be amazed by what you can do with it, but what will be even more revealing is just how easily you can grasp its features and use them to your advantage.