How To Write Viral Content & Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

What do guru bloggers you have?

They can write one post and get like 1000 shares in minutes. For the rest of us, we work our fingers to the bone creating epic content that falls into the darkest realms of the internet.

This internet thing is meant to be easy!

The truth is you can have this success too if you choose the right topic and share with the right people. Gone are the days that you could publish and sit back and watch your traffic grow.

It has been said time and time again, content creation is actually only 20% of your workload. You should be promoting your content the other 80% of the time.

It isn’t that easy to find those topics, it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Good news you can leverage viral content ideas from those guru bloggers, put your spin on it and ride the viral wave. I want to make it clear you are not copying the article… just the topic.

The first thing to do is to scour the web for topics that have had viral success.

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Find Proven Topic Ideas & Catch The Viral Wave

I always say to new internet marketers, why would you want to choose something that is 100% original when you have no traffic. If nobody knows what you are spouting then you have to warm them up to the idea.

By leveraging the ideas of influencers in your niche you have a much better chance of your content taking off. If a blog post has gone viral before you can tell two things… it has appealed to the audience but also to influencers.

Creating content for other influencers is critical for your initial content. At this stage, you need them on your side so that they can help to put your content in front of a larger audience.

How exactly do you find these winning pieces of content?

Start with influencers that you follow and look for a popular posts section on their blog. This tells you what posts the audience are engaging with.

Next head over to Buzzsumo and put the influencers domain. This tool will show you what content has done well in the past. It will return the results by most shared at the top right down to the least shared.

All the posts near the top are proven topics because they are getting a lot of shares. By clicking the view sharers button you can get a list of influencers to start reaching out to. If you choose this topic.

You can also type your topic into Google. The first page is the top pages for this keyword, when you run these domains through Buzzsumo you will get more ideas for content that has the potential to go viral.

The Not-So-Big-Secret To Wildfire Social Shares

Thanks to Brian Dean we know that utilizing a framework like the Skyscraper technique we can create an epic piece that will be the best for our chosen topic. You look at what is performing well and then add bucketloads of value.

This is perfect advice and after you have that awesome piece you would reach out to blogs that link to or that share the best performing piece of content.

The trouble with this is that when you start a new blog nobody knows you. People may be skeptical when you reach out. So you have to give them value and hope that they return the favor.

If you see the best performing post has shares/links from top influencers. Simply look for quotes from these influencers and feature them in your new post. Next give them a link back to where you got the quote.

Are you good at graphic design?

Well, create an image quote this shows that you are willing to put the effort into making them look good. A perfect example of this would be if you had a sports blog and created social images with athletes and their famous quotes. You could then use #hashtags on Twitter and tag the player’s name and their professional team and sport. As you can see, it’s all about getting creative and putting the extra work in.

Canva is a great alternative if your design skills aren’t up to much.

When you launch the post reach out to the people you have linked to or quoted and tell them about your post. Don’t ask them to share just ask them for feedback.

Feedback is great because if they like they will probably share but if your content needs some work then they will tell you and you can improve. Aim for at least 10 featured quotes and about 10 external links per 1500 words.

So if your post is 3000 words you should have about 20-40 people to reach out to. If these are top influencers then you could really push the reach further.

Connect On A Deeper Level To Grab Your Audience

Written content is great but people see it all the time, it is everywhere on the internet. You need to build trust with your readers and with written content, this can be quite a big task. If you have a smartphone record a 5-minute video.

Choose a section in your post and cover it a little deeper in this video.

So if your post is about training a dog to walk on a lead and you have a section on clicker training, create a 5 min video on clicker training.

Start by introducing the topic but don’t just say this is a video about clicker training. You need to highlight the problem and then highlight that this short video will solve it.

Now cover the topic a little deeper than the post does. Video is a great way to get your readers on your side, they can see how you look, how you behave, how you talk and they can see what your personality is like.

For most of your audience, this will be the closest connection they will get with you. When people watch you on video they will warm to you a hell of a lot faster.

If doing video is a bit much for you (it was for me for years) then try an audio piece of content. Simply just topic about the topic and add a little extra bonus and then embed in the post.

This can work really well to get a deeper connection with your readers.

Getting Your Post Out There To Start The Viral Epidemic

Like I mentioned earlier you can no longer just write content and hope for the best. You have to create content and then promote it to get traction.

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I always say start with low hanging fruit. This will get you some traction and it stops your blog post looking like a ghost town when you move on to the colder methods.

Who do you know already?

We all have friends and family… right?

A lot of people write these people off because they might not be interested in the topic you are writing about. This is true but most of these people will share your content because they care about you and your success.

When they share your post could get picked up by one of their contacts that are really interested in the topic.

You could also ask them to leave a little comment just to get the commenting started. If a blog looks like there is no engagement it can be hard to get the ball rolling.

Another way to get your content in front of influential people is to comment on top influencers blog. Doing this will allow you to leave a nofollow link.

Don’t just leave one crappy comment for link purposes, get involved with the community. Answer other commenters questions, share more info that the post doesn’t mention you want to make your comment stand out!

This will increase your chances of the blog owner noticing you and checking your post out. As you do this more frequently people will start to notice your gravatar.

Most bloggers will read their comments even if they do not reply.

It’s Over To You

In this post, you have learned how to create an epic piece of content that has traffic generation built into its very foundation. It is up to you to take this a step further and put these tips into action.

Start by researching topics that appeal to your audience and influencer that have the ability to get traffic for your content.

Write an epic piece of content that covers the topic fully. The deeper you can go the better.

Include sexy graphics of quotes from influencers in your niche to make it easier to get on their radar.

Lastly look at easy ways to get the traffic ball rolling! Start with your friends and family and then start engaging with other communities in your niche.

Have you had your first viral post yet, what did you do to help it spread?