How to Make Money Blogging : Ultimate Guide for 2017

Blogging is the emerging trend of the present time, and many people like you and me have chosen it as a round-the-clock career. But this article is for those who are still not able to take a decision and make blogging their main source of earning income. I have tried to bring out the best of my experience to make your first blogging journey easy and without having any confusing second opinion.

This post will simply illustrate those points which will help you in earning money through blogging.

Every post related to blogging mainly on the niche of the blog. But in my opinion, making money through blogging is not only about strong niche or content or social circle. Like other jobs need time, same goes with blogging too. If you really want to make money by blogging, the foremost important thing is the time dedicated to blogging. You can make substantial income if you have enough time devoted to blogging. Before becoming a blogger, you have to decide on few dominant factors.

So let’s start with our main focus topic of –how to make money blogging? In this post, we will discuss the steps which lead to this bright career option as a fruitful money rendering occupation. I will be considering the clandestine facts which will help you to earn money through blogging. There are several stages one has to go through before becoming a successful blogger and make good money through blogging.

Let’s talk about the factors responsible for making money through blogging in 2017 :

Step 1

Blogging penchants

As now you have already decided to make money through blogging, the first step is to determine your choices. This step has two option from which you have to choose. New entrants have first to decide whether they want to have their own blog or work for someone else. After you decide on this factor, make up your mind regarding one more thing. The point is that whether you want to do full-time blogging or part-time blogging.

Many good writers who work part-time for other famous blogs and start earning money by blogging from there. After getting in-depth knowledge about the niche blogging, they start their own blogs. So the bottom line is that you can earn money through blogging by working either part-time or full-time. According to me, if you do not have much time to write then take blogging as your part-time profession. After learning all the important techniques, you can start full-time blogging and earn sizeable income.

Step 2

Blogging niche or your chosen topic to write

Choosing blog niche

Once you have decided upon the time slots and first choice on blogging, take a leap and choose your preferred niche. The niche is the second most important factor for you to decide which will hold your blog for a longer time. Work on your inner self and try to make out your potentials. For this, you have to think harder because it is the most difficult part of your blogging journey. To work on this part, just take the help of traditional style of writing.

Check this video by Kristen Sarah

Grab a copy and pen and select few topics on which you think you can write easily and descriptively. Your niches can be classified into diverse fields like technology, lifestyle, relationships, gadgets, etc.

This method doesn’t mean that you have to start writing an essay on the topics. You just need to jot down the different points related to the selected topics. In this way, you will come to know the exact hold on the various topics. You will come to know the blogging niches on which you can write endlessly. After deciding this, you can start your part-time or full-time career in blogging. You can apply for opportunities on various websites like Fiverr, Truelancer, and Freelancer. You just need to mention all the details about your niches and preferences.

The above two points are important for every blogger. For making good money by blogging every blogger by default has to decide first on the time and niche. If you are looking for one of the most common methods for monetization of blog content, look no further than Google Adsense.

Now I will bifurcate the topic from here and take it to the other level of expertise. We will now discuss the topic by keeping in mind that you have chosen to blog as a full-time career. So, what all factors you should take in consideration for having a connoisseur knowledge before diving into this particular line of work. By taking blogging as a permanent career, you need to have your own blog. This stage will arrive when you have already found your passion in being a pro blogger. Let’s start now and go through the steps required to make money blogging.

Step 3

Initial investment

As you have decided to be a full-time dedicated blogger, you will need your own blog. And here comes a little investment before making money from your blog. You need the help of web hosting services to provide you with the suitable domain name and other site related services. The domain name is the unique title of your blog. The domain name will represent your blogging niche. The web hosting services provide many added features and facilities apart from providing just a domain name for your blog. They charge a specific amount for all the services rendered.

In this point, I will like to include further information regarding the platform that you are going to use for your splendid website. There are various blogging platforms like Joomla, WordPress, which can be used to present your website with many multi-faceted features. Many newbies start blogging through self-hosted WordPress platform which is less expensive and will suit your pocket. And others who do not want to invest anything, they can start with BlogSpot to learn the all the basics for initial stage and then launch their blog.

Step 4

Topic/niche of the blog

Now when you have decided everything related to your investment and blogging platform, it’s time to finalize your blog’s motive. The niche of your blog must be a well-researched topic. The content of the blog will represent you in the competitive digital world. Remember folks; you must decide this point after an in-depth research on your skills. Many blogs have lost their existence due to this factor. If you cannot continue your blog niche for a long time, then it will be no sense to invest your time and capital on it.

Your niche ca be related to latest trending topics which people surf regularly. In this technologically advanced world, latest gadgets are on the top list. People want to know more about latest products launched in the market, their uses, and tutorials related to it. Another most searched topics are health, lifestyle, relationships, facts, etc. Once you find a good topic or niche for your blog, you can then start looking for different affiliate offers to promote. Searching an affiliate network like Clickbooth or Adcombo is a great place to start.

You can choose such topics that will never lose allure among the internet surfers. And also keep in mind that the subject must be such that you should always be willing to write on it at any point in time. The subject of your blog is the most important thing on which you have to work constantly.

Step 5

Domain name(.com,.in,

When you are done with the niche and investment norms, it’s time to go online. After having an enough knowledge about a particular topic, the title or name of your blog must be corresponding to it. The hosting services will help you through this step. That will provide you with the .com, .in or other countries domain name which you are targeting in your blog.

Domain names choosing

Image Credit: Flickr

For a client base domain name, you need to pay a particular amount to your host. There are many points which you need to know before taking the final step.

  • Your domain name must be simple, catchy and easy to pronounce
  • The most important part is that name should be branded and stand out of the unusual names. It must be easy to recall and type when required.
  • If your blog is centered on a particular topic, then your domain name must reflect that. For instance, if your blog is about imparting information related to tech products, then it may have –guide, tutorial, or tech, words as the prefix. Your domain name itself will give a positive impression on the mind of reader.
  • Most of the web hosting service help you to decide a perfect domain name for your blog.
  • At initial stage, you can go for monthly subscriptions of the hosting services plans. Monthly payments are not heavy on the pocket of the beginners, and after you start making enough money through your blog, opt for annual plans. In the long run, yearly plans are more economical.
  • Domain names with .com and org are better than .net or .info suffixes, as they help in ranking the site.

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Step 6

Role of Webhosting services

Web hosting service choosing

The above steps are important for those who are willing to give most of their time to blogging. After getting experience from free blogging platforms of BlogSpot and WordPress, you can move to self-hosted blogging manifestos. By setting up your blog through self-hosted services, you will be able to install your blog on your server and have more command on your blog. The different Webhosting services will help you through this stage.

These Webhosting services will do half of your work by providing you high-quality features to make your blog interesting and attractive.

Many Webhosting Services offer a free domain name along with their subscription. This point also needs some time to work out on different elements of blogging through Webhosting services. The information required for proper execution is:

  • You must be aware of the working system of these Webhosting services
  • The hosting plans must be read carefully as once you invest in something, it is gone forever and you cannot get it back. All the inclusions in the package must be given a thought before buying them. You blog requirements must match your subscribed plans.
  • You must go through WordPress tutorials on YouTube before buying any services. It will help you in deciding your needs.
  • Before buying go through the reviews of preferred hosting services.

There are many plug-ins and features available to you through self-hosting platforms. In time you can also buy various themes or attributes which you think can give you cost-effective results.

Step 7

Accomplish your goals by setting up your blog

Setting up your blog is the first and foremost important step of your blog. For this, you need to have more knowledge about the whereabouts. You need to learn to set up your WordPress blog for the first time. You need to give an attractive visual image to your blog’s first page. You need to have a subscription column for your blog through which readers will come to know about your regular updates. You need to establish your domain address with your hosting service provider.

These initial steps are very important to exemplify your blog’s positive image in the mind of the readers.

Step 8


Now you have to decide on the content of your blog. You have worked on the niche of your blog, but it’s time to pick your first topic and get going with it. For a perfect write-up, you need to write your ideas and content related to it on the spreadsheet. Every subject of writing should be well-researched, and you have to write from the reader’s point of view. You need to write down all the questions which a reader might think of while reading the content. If you have a tech blog, then you need to frame your content exactly according to that.

Step 9

Creating your blog

Your blogs first impression is the most important part which will also help in attracting more users. And for this, you need various templates, Genesis, and themes to make your blog’s appearance stunning.

There are many free themes available in the market to give a perfect outlay to your blog. Not only for the exterior design, but also for laying out an excellent content, website needs various plugins. WordPress Plugins help to make your content perfect and according to the present market’s need. Few of the popular plugins are Yoast SEO, Google XML sitemap, PushPress, etc.

Step 10

Branding and adding relevant pages to your blog

Branding is an essential part of your blog, and you need to start branding your blog from the day you decide to go online. If your branding is perfect, then half of your job is done in an easy way. You need a perfect logo for your blog for which you can take help of logo designers. You need to create all the major social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. pages. The social media is an influential tool to promote your blog and give it a perfect marking.

The other important step is to create the most relevant pages for your blog. About Us page, private policies, comment rules, categorization of topics, help page, forums, etc. these all pages will be present on the first page itself, either on the top header or below the first page.

These pages need to be designed keeping in mind the different type of readers who will visit our page. Though you can quickly work out on the branding and pages part of your blog, you need to keep in mind the competitors as well. So all your policies must be well-instructed.

Step 11

Beginning with the first content of your blog

As now you have done everything to make your blog on the go. The next thing is to post the first content. Posting is not at all smooth as now you have to deal with the most difficult and time-consuming part. Many viewers want to read a blog for information purpose. To provide a unique and compelling content is the top priority now. The content is the only part which will remain in reader’s mind forever. So try to make the best out of it.

Use proper images and beautiful taglines with the help of various searching tools.

You need to make your content SEO optimized by applying various techniques to it. The topic of your content must be keyword optimized so that more traffic directs towards your blog.

The content must have in-depth information about the related topic and no nonsense to irritates the reader. Always keep in minds that everyone’s time is valuable and no one wants to waste time on reading bull shit. Prepare your content with proper headings, bold italics, underlining the important stuff, relevant screen shots, so that even if the user is in hurry, he may get the required info.

High time to make money from blogging

As now I have told you all about the initial set up and important guidelines for your first blog, it’s time to start earning. The above steps were most important to have in-depth knowledge of blogging. Always remember guys that no one can start making money just by writing a good content. For becoming a pro blogger, you need to follow instructions stepwise. As now you now all the necessary components of a blog, we can jump to money making section.

Let’s only discuss the highlights and you can read the descriptive part later.

Monetize your blog with the following guidelines

  • Take help of Google Adsense as it is the easiest part. You can earn income by placing relevant ads on your blog through Google Adsense. You can allow only those ads which you think are relevant to your blog’s content. For this, you just need to step into the world of online advertisers who pay for your ad space, and you get easy money from it.

But remember guys, do not allow too many ads in your new set up blog as it will irritate the readers. Only provide a little space to relevant ads, so that readers find it captivating.

  • Earning without taking help of Google Adsense is little challenging and will require lots of hard work. Well, most of the newbies need an initial investment to pay their subscriptions, so they never say no to Adsense money making tool. For those who do not want to go for ads, can write books, or go for freelance write-ups, sponsored reviews, sell your product or service, or start consulting services.
  • Affiliate marketing pays very well for new bloggers ad they can get a good income from affiliate marketing. For becoming an affiliate member of any popular website, you just need to become its member by signing up to it. Now you just have to recommend the site to your readers through your posts. If any of your readers buy that particular service through your blog’s reference, you earn a commission for it. Even if your readers sign up for that particular site, you tend to earn a small commission.
  • Another high money making way is to write reviews for Amazon products and get paid handsomely. For this, your blog must have that particular niche so that you can write product reviews. You just need to join Amazon’s affiliate program and start writing about its products. If any of your reader buys that reviewed product, you get a good commission. This is a luring way of making money by blogging.

SEO to direct traffic to your blog

What Google Says About Your Reputation

You cannot write SEO optimized in a single shot. You need to have a deeper knowledge about it so that you can earn money by driving traffic to your blog. SEO has many inter-related sections, and it’s not that easy to learn SEO in one go. SEO is all about focus keywords which will help search engines to direct traffic towards your blog content. Let’s have a summarized detail about SEO

On-page SEO and On-site SEO– this will focus on the content of your website, crawling, indexing of your website, keywords used, and various plugins used to make essential changes in your content on your own website page.

Off-page SEO – this will focus on the promotion of content on social media, black linking from other sites.

The SEO subject is vast and needs more time to understand and then set up the content accordingly. You need to learn about crawling, indexing, focus keyword set up, permalinks, understanding Nofollow & Dofollow links, backlinks, etc.

Conclusion: Money Making Blogging 2017 

Hence guys the above-mentioned content is enough for you to start making money by blogging. However, friends, I have tried to cover as much as I can in my relevant topic. To earn from blogging like a pro, you need to have impeccable hands on your content and other related strategies.

You need to go through many tutorials and take help from Google before setting up your own blog. Every minute section plays an important role towards your success journey in blogging. The path is not difficult at all, but looking at the emerging need of good bloggers, everything has to be set up on the line.

If you are serious about your career as a blogger, believe me, you can create wonders out of it and make more money than those who are struggling with their 9 to 5 stressful jobs. Blogging is something that will keep you busy with new things every day. You will never find your life stuck at one place.

So, get going and give wings to your imagination and live the life of your dreams. Get started with making money by blogging. I am doing it and I surely think anyone like me who wants something extra in life, will approach blogging as a career with open minds.