How to Find Stock Photos that Best Reflect Your Business Blog

Gone are the days when business blogs were filled with words and paragraphs letting you visualize and understand their topics. People’s attention span has been decreasing for these past years, making marketing run for its life. In this time where everything seems fast-paced, blogging has also taken a huge leap forward. The trend is now moving towards visual content marketing — content marketing filled with visual design elements. This is not a fresh topic as it’s been evolving greatly for the past few years. Still, every marketer needs to be aware of the coming dominance of visual communication.

Some interesting statistics we can look at shows the positive acceptance for this type of marketing is as follows: 37% of marketers believe that visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business growth. Also, 74% of social media marketers add visuals to their social media marketing, blogging, and videos. Lastly, our brains are designed in a way it can recall 65% of information with visuals after three days. With the valuable information presented, it is appropriate for any business blogger to add those creative photos.

Tips on how to choose the best stock photo

Even before you can be a part of these statistics, you need to identify the right stock photo for your next post. The image is like the eye or the salesman of a blog post. It needs to be able to attract a reader and show him the heart of your post. Since the image is this special to the human brain, you’ll need to know how best to catch people’s attention. We’ve laid out some ideas here, so try out these creative tips:

Know your target audience and your post’s message

Before you can even start gathering images, you must first know why you are writing any given article. Take note of who will be your target readers. Jot down the arguments and ideas you want to be in your post. If you have a focused goal for this, then the image should match it.

Let your images speak for the post

let the images speak for the post

Since your goal is to make a visual content post, make the photos eye-catching. Lessen the words and have the images speak for themselves. It will also be good to position these at the right spot to make sure they’re noticeable.

Go for photos that match with words

Typography is like a buddy to images. This is why you should choose images that will blend with your creative texts. By combining both, if they are a perfect match, you can make the blog post even more appealing.

Stick to natural images

There are times when an image is overdone, and at a glance, it just seems sloppy or confusing. This is common for those images that look unreal or have undergone too much editing. If you want to make your images appear real, stick to a more natural look. Remember, keeping it natural is the best for photos.

Add up charts, infographic, videos, or even animation

Visual content is not just about pictures. You can also supplement your post with other creative elements like charts, infographic, and even animated videos. Match these with other designs and your post might just be the next big thing.

These ideas are just a few of those you can try out to end up with the right stock photo for your business blog. There are still other things to think about before finally putting all these elements together.

Tools to help you find and use the best stock photos

tools to help you find stock photos

Now the next question is, how can you end up with the put all together to match your business post? You may already have the stock photo, but how can you make it outstanding?

Here are amazing sites that can help you get the right image tools to fit your incredible post:

Burst by Shopify

Every blogger, designer, or marketer is always after images that do not require them to make payment of a license fee. With Burst powered by Shopify, you’re in for a great treat. This free stock photo site has over 1,000 high-quality and creative images. These are free to use for just about anywhere you need to add a catchy photo. Another big plus for this site is it just keeps growing everyday so expect to see new images every visit.


Photo editing will always be a part of having the best blog image. While it may be great to be techy and savvy on image editing, some find it very difficult. This is where Canva becomes your life saver. It’s a haven for free stock photos, filters, and other design elements. Its editing platform is also easy to use and can be tried out by anyone.


Business blogs need infographics nowadays. This form of visual communication is more attractive and engaging. If you are scratching your head on how to start one, give Piktochart a try. It houses 600 creative templates with a drag-and-drop design feature.


Animated videos are also something you shouldn’t miss when creating your visual content. While these are different from stock images, the quality is also head-turning. To give it a try, visit Powtoon’s easy-to-create platform.

Haiku Deck

Presentations are the heart of winning over your audienc. If your business blog wants eyes to be focused on it, let Haiku Deck be your best buddy in making impressive decks for your business blog.

Wrapping it up

Being a business blogger may be tough at times, especially when you just need to have the right elements for each post. These are the images, words, format, and other things you need to consider.

While it can lead you to writer’s block at some point, even in the phase of choosing pictures, fear not. With the vast accessibility of the internet and many sites out there, you will find tools to help you out. Just like those mentioned above, you won’t be a lost sheep in the field of stock images. All you have to do is know your blog’s purpose, stick to it, and let the other parts fit together.