Worldwide Traffic and Advertiser Solutions with HilltopAds

When attempting to run a successful business on the internet, you absolutely must have a never ending supply of traffic and customers. With more websites, blogs and brands fighting to get in front of your audience, it’s now more important than ever to team up with powerful advertising networks and solutions that already have premium partnerships and massive traffic volumes already in place.

Today we are going to be taking a look at HilltopAds, which specializes in providing both advertisers and site partners with the traffic volumes and monetization methods they need to grow and scale online.

HilltopAds – Advertising Options for All Needs

As with any online advertising agency, the goal to server advertising clients and site partners is key. This is something HilltopAds has been quite successful with since their launch in 2014. The global advertising network aims to cater to the needs of advertisers by giving them the detailed analytics and targeting options that are required to increase ROI, while also giving their site partners premium payouts to make sure their advertising is always seen on the highest of quality sites possible. Through this mix of targeting, management, and optimization, HilltopAds continues to be one of the top players in the world of online advertising.

As with most advertising industries, if you want to compete and survive, you will need to offer more and better services where the competition is lacking. This is something HilltopAds has done quite well with, as they are focusing on monetization and payment structures across a wide range of markets versus going after just one. A good example of this would be if you were to work with a traditional affiliate network that only paid out on a flat CPA (performance) basis. HilltopAds offers this same option, but they’ve also built in CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, CPO and CPS basis campaigns in the process. This allows for HilltopAds to work directly with their advertisers and site partners to make sure both sides are always maximizing their return on investment at all times.

Popunders, Display, Push Up Ads and More

Another area where HilltopAds finds themselves above the competition is the wide range of advertising and display options they serve through their platform. Again, this goes back to the massive reach and directory of site partners they are currently working with. With a greater demand for Popunders, display banners and push up ads than ever before, there is no denying how important it is to continually split test ad campaigns across each display option available.

When it comes to the actual eCPM rates and advertising costs for each placement, this will vary based on the industry, target audience and of course the size of the type of display ad you would like to use. With the internet now because accessed more through mobile devices and tablets than ever before, it’s also important to consider that nearly 60% of the traffic flowing through HilltopAds partners sites are mobile-based, while the other 40% is desktop based.

Inside the HilltopAds Dashboard Area

Once setup with an account, you will then be able to log into your dashboard area, which is accessible for both advertisers and publishers. This is an ideal setup for their network, as many clients are working on both sides of the spectrum — both buying and selling traffic for their own sites and ad campaigns. You will notice the different areas of access for either option in the left side menu.

Inside the dashboard area, clients will have access to all of the necessary account information and campaign statistics they need to make sure their actively making money and running at full performance at all times. Advertisers can fund accounts, view campaigns and play around with estimation traffic tools, while publishers can view their stats, manage their individual sites, ad zones and payout history.

HilltopAds also offers a referral program that allows clients to refer other site partners or advertisers to the network. A successful referral will result in a 5% commission from any earnings or spending from that individual referral. Display banners are available in the dashboard area to promote this program as well.

The Technology Behind HilltopAds

The driving influence behind the success of HilltopAds is the platform and technology that it runs on. While other ad networks and platforms might simply deliver ads to different traffic sources, HilltopAds has a solution in place that allows for the highest eCPM and real-time optimization possible. This means site partners who have higher CPM rates (and better performance for ads) will get priority to start serving ad campaigns with higher payouts. This allows for the client and the partner site to both benefit from higher-quality traffic and payouts in the process. All ad serving is also done through HilltopAds, so there is no need for site owners to pick and choose which offers they’d like to run — while also hoping for the best results.

Something else that has been a great concern for advertisers and site owners as of lately, is the issue of ad-blocking technology. This is something HilltopAds is also at the forefront of and making sure they are getting the maximum traffic and results for both clients and site owners.

Within this same platform, advertisers have the option to build campaigns around advanced targeting options, such as specific geographic regions or even device type, keywords and mobile carriers. Retargeting options are also available to bring back visitors to campaigns that don’t convert the first time around.

No Fees on Advertiser and Publisher Payouts

No one likes to see additional fees build up for their business. One of the worst unexpected fees is when you receive payment or attempt to fund a new ad campaign. With HilltopAds, you won’t find any built-in or additional fees. Advertisers can fund their accounts through PayPal, wire transfer, Paxum, ePayservice, WebMoney, ePayments or Bitcoin — with a minimum deposit amount of $200.

Publishers will also receive payments without any transaction fees taking place as well and are sent through similar payment options like the ones mentioned above, and of course, Paypal as the recommended method of choice. Payments are sent out on a net-7 basis, which is much faster than many other competing networks. The minimum threshold for payments to be sent out is $50.

Get Started with HilltopAds

Whether you are looking to scale out your existing business or ad campaigns, or simply trying to increase revenue generating from your own site, HilltopAds is quickly becoming a go-to name for advertising and monetization online.

Take a few minutes to sign up with HilltopAds and see how they can start working for you. Once set up with an account, you will then have access to their dashboard area and customer support team.