Must-Use Blogger Outreach Tools to Grow Your Traffic on a Budget

Blogger outreach is one of the better ways to generate highly targeted traffic to your blog posts. Doing so correctly will help you increase your traffic and potentially get your posts shared by influencers in your niche.

When reaching out to other bloggers, you need to give them a reason why they should open to read your email. As much as the subject line and the actual email is essential, what’s even more crucial is the purpose of the email.

If there’s anything that bloggers are interested in, it’s providing valuable content to their audience. From the actual content they write and publish to the resource they include in the post, their goal is to keep their readership engage, if not grow it. By providing them with content that resonates with their needs, they can increase their traffic and boost their bottom line.

Once you comprehend the concept and ideology of blogger outreach, you need to put your understanding of it into practice!

One of the misconceptions of blogger outreach is that it requires you to use tools that cost a fortune. It’s true that tools like InkyBee, Ninja Outreach, and Buzzstream, will make the job of prospecting and sending emails much more comfortable for you. However, you can conduct a sustainable blogging strategy without shelling out a single cent!

Below are tools that you need to use for a cost-free blogger outreach strategy that will produce similar results as the paid one.

1. Moz’s Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer Link Research Backlink Checker Moz

Moz Open Site Explorer is a tool that will help you fill in the gaps in your blogger outreach strategy by identifying backlinks of specific site pages, in particular, your competitors’.

If you have a post that you want to share through blogger outreach, then you need to find content from other sites that are similar to yours. You can then run these pages using this Moz tool to show websites that link to your competitors so you can reach out to them.

You want to target sites that link to web pages with similar content to your because they’re most likely to respond back to your request. The fact that they linked to your competitors means that they’re interested in the niche. The challenge you know has to ensure that your content is much better than the ones found online. Having 10x content will help increase the effectiveness of your outreach and boost your conversion rate.

The Open Site Explorer is a free tool, but you need to sign up for a Moz account to gain access to it. Also, the backlink results from a free account are limited – you need a paid subscription to access the complete data.

2. JustReachOut

Some of the websites that link to your competitors have contact forms that can fill out so you can reach out to them. However, these forms usually funnel down to the web editor or someone else from the site who’s probably not a decision maker. This fact is apparent among more prominent blogs, where multiple staff members are doing specific things for the blog. Therefore, your outreach may fall on deaf ears and your efforts are simply going to waste.

Just ReachOut

You want to send emails to go straight to the blog owner or a decision maker. As much as you want to do this, however, their emails are usually not available to the public. To make the job easier for you, JustReachOut is a tool that will find the blogger’s emails for you with just a click of a button. All you need to do is search for the keyword of the niche where your business resides.The tool will find journalists and bloggers that have extensively covered your niche before so you can reach out to them with your blog post.

JustReachOut is a paid tool with a 14-day free trial. However, you can enjoy a 30-free trial using this coupon code: yQTWfHvuG

3. Hubspot CRM Free

Free CRM for Small Businesses HubSpot

This CRM software is used to keep track of your lead and clients so you can stay on top of your sales funnel and process. However, it features translate well to blogger outreach. After sending an email to your prospects, you can group bloggers according to their responses. You can segregate bloggers who have replied to your email and those who haven’t. Regarding the former, you can segregate further by grouping those who have linked to your post on their blog, share it on social media, or have done nothing about your post.

The idea here is to identify people whom you should put your focus on manually. You need to pour in more effort engaging to those who replied and leave the unresponsive ones be.

As a free tool, Hubspot CRM offers a wide range of features and options in a collaborative setting to make your sales team’s job easier. But as mentioned, there is just as much for you to like it here for your blogger outreach needs considering that the tool is free.

4. Gmail’s Canned Response

Running a blogger outreach campaign using tools require you to copy and paste the email template that you will send to each blogger. You will then edit the necessary details to personalize the message and increase conversion.

As the most necessary process in your blogger outreach campaign, sending the emails is also the most tedious. It will likely eat most of your time from the process, leaving you with little time for anything else.

Unfortunately, there are no tools that will help you automate this specific process in your outreach. However, there is a tool that will make storing and pulling out templates much more convenient.

If you’re using Gmail to send out your email, simplify the process by using Canned Response. It’s a feature within Gmail that lets you save email templates that you will send to bloggers. Doing so will help you save time from manually copying and pasting each email for every recipient.


Blogger outreach is a big undertaking that requires you to use the best tools that you can get to pull it off successfully. However, the best tools come at a hefty price for some. Without any budget allotted to you for this campaign, expect to be working at a disadvantage.

However, as long as you have a solid understanding of how blogger outreach works, then the lack of premium tools shouldn’t be much of a hindrance to you. Also, the free tools featured above are good enough substitutes that allow you to pull off your campaign without much problem!