Best Community WordPress Themes to Look Out For

These days online discussions in forums and community websites have become very common and it won’t be wrong to say that many have found respite in these online discussion communities.

Most importantly, these communities help you to know how people are tiding over various issues that are not so pleasant and individuals wished that they never had to face such conditions or circumstances.

Alternatively, there are communities that allow you to know the finer aspects of a number of issues, related to the good, bad, and ugly. Ranging from parenting, fashion, lifestyle, medical related, marital, family, real estate, home improvement, the topics on which discussion threads start are varied and many.

Making use of these plugins and community-related themes, gives rise to communities that are highly functional and have a professional approach. Communities belonging to different niches are formed where individuals sharing their experiences and similar thoughts and values come forward to interact with the others in the community.

However, in order that these communities run smoothly and you are able to actively participate in these forums and derive the maximum benefit or solace, there are few WordPress themes that make this effort even more fruitful. In this write-up, let us find out more about the same.


A popular community WordPress theme, it lets you create your own community. It allows you to display images. Not only that it will also allow you to develop and design your own page layouts depending on the tone of your website and your requirement.

Pet Club

Remember, there are dating clubs for animals too. Few of the WordPress community featured themes that are used for this niche include easy and simple installation procedure, import of data, translation ready, compatible in case you are thinking of developing websites in different languages for this particular niche.


This WordPress theme has a modern template with the help of which you can create community websites. Being compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress, it is also responsive in nature. There are shortcodes that this particular WP plugin boasts of that enable content to be displayed in a varied manner.


Regardless of whether you are planning to create a private or a public community website, the BuddyApp plugin is compatible not just with BuddyPress and other few plugins but it also works well irrespective of whether you are using extranet or intranet. Aside from these, there are various other features that make it quite popular and one of the better plugins for creating and interacting with a community.


Regarded as one of the most powerful WordPress themes for building a great community website, it is compatible with bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. There are several additional features that can help you to develop various kinds of community building website. Owing to its flexibility, you will also be able to develop a community and also couple it with editorial content.


It is one of the most beautiful templates that WordPress has to offer at least for community websites. The designs it offers are uncluttered and neat aside from having features that are useful and appealing to users. This particular community WordPress theme allows you to make use of as many as 12 widget areas. Aside from these, there are custom widgets to choose from too. This allows you to display your content better, aside from the tweets (updated and latest), pictures, and videos.

Social Buddy

This is a responsive template WP theme compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress. Niche communities, as well as social networks, can be created with the help of Social Buddy. Being customizable, you will be able to create and develop your own designs with the help of the so called swipe supported homepage slider. There is a touch option too.

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