Adsterra International Advertising and Lead Generation Platform

Advertising on the internet today is more than just selecting a website and placing your next ad campaign. Now it’s all about the geographic, demographic and audience targeting options that are available through some of the most advanced advertising and lead generation platforms. At the same time, it’s not just advertisers and big media outlets who are benefiting from such solutions — it’s also websites and blogs that have massive reach, content, and traffic, that are also looking to monetize everything they have in place.

Today we are going to take a look at Adsterra, which is one such advertising platform that continues to lead the way in innovation and ROI for global reach advertising campaigns. Not only has the network been able to generate millions of leads for websites, businesses, and brands of all sizes, they now have several years of experience in the industry and continue to pave the way with their latest technology and network of partner sites and advertisers.


How Adsterra is Changing the International Advertising Game

With more focus on global reach and advertising than ever before, it’s important to work with an ad network that can provide the reach, tracking, and inventory you need to hit your business goals. This is exactly what Adsterra has put in place for both advertisers and publishers looking to take advantage of what their platform has to offer.

In previous years, advertising on the internet was quite generic and simplistic. Advertisers would create an ad campaign, upload their ad copy and then select a few categories or keywords to best target their audience. Now it’s a completely different ball game. Through the likes of working with a network like Adsterra, advertisers now have the ability to upload a wide range of ad creatives, while also having a much more detailed approach to the site and audiences they want to reach. In short, it’s no longer a game of guessing and waiting for results. Adsterra offers the ability to access thousands of sites, while also providing a detailed backend tracking and management platform to make sure campaigns are not just up and running at all times — but also profitable.

The same holds true for content creators and site owners who are looking to monetize their traffic. Adsterra offers plenty of monetization options for site owners, such as traditional banner advertisements, pop-up windows, video banners or even interstitials. Once set up with a publisher account, all of this information and how to set up new ad placement is easily accessible from within your dashboard area.

With over 10 billion impressions being served and more six million leads generated monthly, there is no end in site to the opportunities for both advertisers and publishers working with Adsterra. As an extra added benefit, all publishers and advertisers will also receive their own account manager to help with any support or questions one might have. Account access also provides optimized conversion tracking, real-time stats and more in the member’s area.

Choosing the Right Monetization for Your Site

As a site owner or content brand, it’s important to make sure you keep the on-site experience for your audience a top priority at all times. This includes knowing when, where and how to monetize your site, without diminishing the content and value of your site. Adsterra offers a wide range of ad creatives choose from, such as display banners, leaderboards, rectangles, skyscrapers, popunders and more — all of which are fully optimized and responsible across desktops, mobile devices and tablets.


For any site owners that are currently already using other monetization methods like Google Adwords, they will find no problem in using Adsterra as a great alternative — as they cover nearly all of the same banner ad sizes that most top advertisers are using with Adwords. This includes the traditional 468×60, 728×90, and 320×50 banner sizes. In addition to the traditional classic ad formats, publishers will also have access to much larger sizes as well, such as 880×400 rectangles or even half-height 160×300 skyscraper banner ads. Each of these ad formats can be seen in the screenshot above, while also covered in more detail on the Adsterra site.

With mobile usage still on the rise across the world, it’s important to make sure your site traffic and content is making you the most revenue in this area as well. All monetization and ad serving through Adsterra are mobile-friendly and also includes the ability to run banners, popups, and interstitials across mobile and tablet devices. There is already likely a very large audience accessing your site through mobile devices, so don’t miss out on this additional revenue source.

When compared to other advertising and monetization networks, Adsterra stands out from the crowd for many reasons — but one of the most beneficial has to be their in-house optimization of campaigns running on websites. Similar to Google Adsense, Adsterra will keep an eye on the content of your site, how your audience is responding to ad campaigns and then continually optimize such campaigns for peak performance and earnings.

As a publisher, all you need to do is log into your account, add your site and select the banner size or creative type you would like to start running. Once the ad code is live on your site, Adsterra will do the rest. Publishers can also log into their member accounts at any time to see the performance of their earnings in real time.

All websites submit to run campaigns through Adsterra are run through an extensive approval process. This helps keep the Adsterra network of sites at the highest of quality, while also making sure Adsterra advertisers and clients are getting exposure on only the best sites and traffic sources possible. Some notable names currently working with Adsterra as both publishers and advertisers include, AliExpress, StarGames, and Matomy Media Group.

Adsterra Blog: Advertising and Monetization Tips

In the world of online lead generation, tracking and monetization, it’s always important to learn as much as you can. Adsterra has done an excellent job at launching premium content through their blog, which is dedicated to both site owners, publishers and advertisers alike. It’s one thing to work with a network like Adsterra and know that you are making money from ad campaigns, but it’s another to actually run through and understand how some of the processes work. This is the type of content you can expect to see through their online marketing and lead generation based content.

Some of the most recent and more popular resource articles and content found on the blog include:

  • Advanced Targeting Options for Affiliate Campaigns
  • How to Boost Your CPM Rate and Site Earnings
  • 5 Tips for Win-Win Banner Advertising Campaigns
  • Best Methods for Monetizing Your Facebook Page Effectively

New content is being added to their blog all the time, so be sure to check back often to see what new resources or guides they have in place for their audience.

AdsTerra Wants to Meet You in Person!

When running a business on the internet, it’s easy to remain behind the scenes and simply run your company as is. However, in the world of affiliate marketing and lead generation, it’s a requirement to get out there and meet with your site partners, publishers and advertisers. The reasons for this are many, but at the end of the day, it’s that face-to-face engagement and interaction that leads to much larger and longer-term business partnerships.

With all of that being said, Adsterra makes a huge effect to always make sure they are always in attendance at some of the largest networking and marketing events across the world. You can see some of their upcoming events below, while also see a full scrolling list of upcoming events on their site.

Some of the more notable events that Adsterra will be in attendance at, include Affiliate Summit East in New York City, Ad:Tech in New Delhi, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, The European Summit in Prague, and Webmaster Access in Amsterdam. With new conferences taking place around the world weekly, there is really no excuse to not meet with the Adsterra team that next time you are both in attendance.

Adsterra Wants to Start Working with You

As mentioned earlier, Adsterra is currently working with thousands of site partners and clients from around the world. In addition to serving over 10 billion impressions monthly and more than six million leads being generated at the same time, it’s a complete no-brainer to work with their network — as either an advertiser or publisher.

When it comes to payout to publishers, Adsterra is currently sending out payments on a net-15 basis, while also giving site partners the ability to choose from Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal and WebMoney. There is also an affiliate referral program in place, which offers a 5% commission from all the revenue generated by any publishers you refer to the network.

To continually find success in the world of online marketing and lead generation, you always need to find that next opportunity to help you scale to that next level. Adsterra might just be that opportunity you’ve been looking for. Take a moment to join their network today and see how much you can start earning today.