6 Google Chrome Screenshot Webpage Capture Extensions

Artists, bloggers, graphic designers, web designers or developers always need to capture screenshot of web pages, and here it’s a round up of Google Chrome webpage capture extensions. If you use Chrome as your default web browser, you must have a check to install these great extensions below.

1. Aviary Screen Capture
Aviary is a suite of powerful creative applications that you can use right in your web browser from graphic design to audio editing. Aviary Screen Capture Google Chrome extension allows you to take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with Aviary.com web applications. It offers a convenient access to the Aviary website and tools. It will perform a screen capture of the visible portion of any webpage and then open the capture immediately in a basic image editor where you can do markup such as draw arrows and rectangles, edit the screenshot image including crop, rotate and resize, and get the exact pixel colors of the image as well.

2. Webpage Screenshot
Webpage Screenshot is a fast and simple solution for you to capture the whole webpage and then save to JPG screenshots. This extension lets you save PNG image of any webpage in just a click. You can even choose to resize the window before capturing.

3. Picnik Extension for Chrome
Picnik is one of the most popular and powerful web based applications for you to editing photo online. The Picnik Chrome extension lets you easily pick any image from a dynamic hot list while browsing the web. With a click you can create a snapshot of your current web page and open it in Picnik for easy editing, annotation and sharing.

4. Zoho Notebook
With Zoho Notebook Chrome extension, you can take screenshot, clip important text or URLs from the web and save them in your online Zoho Notebook. To use this extension, you have to login to Zoho Notebook first. Anyway it supports Google, yahoo or Facebook account to sign in so there is no need to create a Zoho account.

5. PageShot
PageShot is a Google Chrome extension that helps you take a webpage capture and crop it. The visual cropping selector is powered by JCrop.

6. Screenshot
This screenshot capture extension is simple enough. Just one click to capture the current screen on webpage and then it will automatically open a new tab for you to view and save the image.