5 Reasons Why You Need To Have Passive Income

A common misconception among people who make the first-time decision to start blogging as a full-time job is that it can immediately be turned into a lucrative passive income stream.

These people, unfortunately, as set for a harsh realization. Once they finally get into actual blogging, they find out that it’s not all they dreamed it would.

Most are even surprised at the amount of work that goes into maintaining a blog. Designing your site’s visuals, coming up with excellent content, making your blog SEO friendly, getting the optimum number of regular visitors. Definitely not as “passive” as most people think it is.

But I have job. Why would I still need passive income?

Good question. Why indeed.

Let me give you a few reasons why you’ll want to invest in passive-income activities.

 1. It frees up a huge chunk of your time

Time is indeed still gold. With an active-income job, you have to spend a lot of time to earn for a living. You do so over and over again, workweek after workweek for the rest of your life until you retire. After which, you’ll most likely sit stewing at home, wishing you could get all that time back so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. But that’s time you’ll never get back again.

Going into passive income investments and opportunities can give you the freedom of time that you crave. Granted that you’ll still have to put in work every now and then, but the rest of your time belongs to you and you alone.

That means you get back a huge portion of your time while the same amount of gold (or more) while the gold continues to roll in. Making passive income streams online is having your cake and eating it too, ladies and gentlemen. Now who wouldn’t want that?

2. Less worry for the future = less stress

Why do people spend long hours working (literally and figuratively) backbreaking jobs? One usual reason would be so that they can cover the bills and eat at the same time. Another is this: hope for financial stability in the future.

When you worry too much about the future, you tend to forget to live in the present. You’ll be plagued by a lot of ‘what ifs’. What if I lose my job?

What if the economy goes down?

What if I get sick before I retire?

And etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. There’s only so much about the future that you can beat yourself up for.

Admittedly, these things could still happen whether you’re doing active-income or passive income work. However, the main difference is that when you’re doing the latter, you get more time, energy and motivation to achieve more. It gives you the opportunity to continue building up that nest egg without fear of inflation or losing your job, or a thousand other factors.

I don’t know about you, but for me, not constantly worrying about the future makes me feel more alive and able to enjoy today.

3. Doing things you want or love to do vs doing things you HAVE to do

A huge part of the world’s working population has this dilemma. You love doing a particular thing. May it be dancing, or writing or making music, and so on and so forth. But on the other hand, there’s this other job that —although you may not like it as much—lets you earn enough to pay the bills. So you choose the second option.

And then, for the rest of your working life, you wallow in misery, spending all your time and energy on the work you don’t like but need. What little remaining free time you have, you try to spend resting instead because tomorrow will be the same hard grind all over again.

When you learn how to make passive income and finally begin doing so, you’ll realize that not only do you have a lot of free time and energy, you actually get the opportunity to pursue things you love.

More importantly, and this is especially when you’re earning passive income online, you’ll also find out that you can earn even more of that from doing the things you love.

Your love for all kinds of new technology and how they work can be a good reason to sell online courses. Your love for dancing could easily turn into a viral video where the money keeps adding up with every additional view. Your commitment to being a health buff could lead you to write and sell eBooks about health.

And those are only a few examples. Bottomline is, by generating enough passive income on the side, you get the chance to actually earn from the other things you love as well. That’s a lot better than forcing yourself to stay in a job just because you have to.

4. Enter the age of digital nomadism

Imagine a life where work is also a daily holiday. Because you can achieve that.

When you’re into passive income investments, you don’t need to stay stuck in an office or even at home. With the power of the internet, you can take your work anywhere.

As a blogger, traveling can also be the cure to one of blogging’s hardest struggles: fighting writer’s block.

So you earn from your passive-income generating activities, while at the same time you also get a lot of inspiration for your next content. Suddenly, finding ways to make money with your blog ceases to be a daunting task. Two birds, one stone.

5. Financial stability is within reach

As soon as your passive-income investment starts generating enough money to cover for your monthly bills and expenses, you can begin exploring new ideas to further grow and strengthen your financial stability.

Suddenly, horizons start looking wider. You can start focusing your attention on managing your finances towards the future.

For most people, the reason they go into passive income opportunities is not for themselves but mainly for their success. Their families. Their children.

When you’re not encumbered by the physical demands of working an active-income job, you begin to see other possibilities that could benefit you and your future generations. Stocks, taxes, and other worthwhile and profitable investments turn into reality instead of just faraway dreams.


These are the common reasons why you’ll want to have passive income. The remaining thing to do is to find the best affiliate offers that you’ll want to get on hands on as soon as possible.

For that, let these questions be your guide:

  • What are your interests?
  • How tough is the competition?
  • How much time do you think it will take you to succeed?
  • How much do you think you’re going to make?
  • Does your chosen passive income activity have enough staying power?

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to decide which among the many affiliate offers and passive-income investments fit you best.

After that, begin by promoting your chosen affiliate marketing niche via your blog. Use your content, social media and direct or indirect contacts to maximize your earnings.

Lastly,  evaluate your results and enjoy your profits and the perks that come with it.

Passive-income work is more than just a way to make money fast. It’s an opportunity to live your life to the fullest, the way you’ve always dreamed.