5 Great Examples of How to Interview Experts Online

With a never-ending need for great content, websites, bloggers and media outlets are continually looking to interview top experts from around the world, while also turning it into fresh and original content in the process.

As more people look to the internet for information or to even start a website or blog of their own, I wanted to create a useful resource on how to best approach this topic. The simple truth is, the internet makes it a whole lot easier to connect with celebrities, experts, businesses, and brands. Gone are the days when you need a special invite or direct mailing address to get in touch with experts or authorities in the world today.

Actually, it’s now become the complete opposite! Experts and big name brands want the attention, and more often than not, they are willing to put in the time and effort to answer a few questions or do a short interview.

Here are five effective and working examples of how to start interviewing and featuring expert content on your site.

How to Be an Expert

Individual Interviews

One of the best ways to create original content on a site, while also featuring experts in your space, is through individual interviews. For an example of this is currently being done, check out this interview with Karen Salmasohn, a best-selling self-improvement author with over 1 million books sold – and over 1.3 million fans on Facebook. Salmansohn is an active blogger and prolific columnist, attracting a myriad of interview guests on her popular website at NotSalmon.com.

The process of creating individual expert interviews is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is come up with a set of questions for your experts. Then you will need to send out an email to all experts you would like to feature on your site. Be sure to make them short, on point and of value. Then publish your interviews on a consistent schedule for your audience of readers.

Keep in mind that your sought after experts are likely limited on time and don’t want to answer the same generic questions. (something to keep in mind for all further examples below as well).

Expert Roundup Posts

Individual interviews are great, but not all experts will have the time to answer a lot of questions for your site. Should this be something you are finding struggles with, or simply want to broaden your reach, expert roundups might be a great option for you.

The concept of an expert roundup is quite simple. Instead of sending a bunch of questions to one expert, you do the complete opposite. Come up with one great question, then send it out to as many relevant experts as you can. Once you’ve received enough responses, then post the content to your site.

You can see a live example of how other sites are running expert roundups on their site in this round up article and another one here.

Co-Hosted Webinars

Webinars have quickly become one of the most effective ways to engage and sell to audiences live online. In most cases, you will need a product or service to sell through a webinar, but in the case of co-hosted webinars, you can still make money just by providing the audience.

Many of the top online marketers and brand gurus are now offering co-hosted webinar rev-share opportunities. This is a perfect opportunity for site owners, bloggers or anyone with a big following, to associate themselves with experts online, while also potentially making some money in the process.

You can see an example of a co-hosted webinar in action here.

Podcast Interviews

Podcasting is quickly on the rise as more people are looking for valuable content outside of just the internet, while also listening to it on the go. Whether it’s at the gym or on the way to work, podcasts are quickly filling up endless hours of “offline” time, while providing quality content in the process. Read about how to prepare interview questions and answers on AcademicHelp.net.

The concept of podcasting is quite simple… create great audio-based content for your audience to listen to. However, not everyone likes to talk or can come up with enough content for their audience. This is where interviewing experts come into play!

To make this work, you will need to be a great host and have compelling questions for each of your guests. To hear some live examples of how interviewing experts are working in the online marketing and business space, check out this list of top marketing podcasts. For a great example of a expert podcast, check out this live interview with Todd William, founder and CEO of Reputation Rhino in New York City all about reputation management strategies for local business on PageWiz.com.

Citations, Quotes and References

When it comes to creating content, the better the value, the more likely it is to get read and shared. If you really want to make your content stand out from the crowd, including citations, quotes and references is a no-brainer.

This is often seen in news stories or big events, where media outlets interview experts, celebrities or regular people at an event to give their opinion or expertise. In most cases, these are usually just quotes.

For research and information based sites, citations and references are key. Include images, charts, references and quotes to bring your content to life. You can see a great example of gold experts sharing their advice in this news article.

In reference to how this relates to expert interviews? Simple… before going live with your next article, simply reach out to some authority figures in your space (or related to the topic) and see if any will provide you with a short sentence or two on feedback. This small and simple component could be the difference between another average article, and something really great!

Take Advantage of Authority Figures and Experts in Your Content

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to not only interview experts and authority figures within your space, but also many ways to simply include them in your content as well.

Run through the list above and to brainstorm ways you can use such content and outreach within your marketing efforts.